Ingapirca Ruins and Purple Fog

Don’t you just love the rhythm of that name – Inga pirca?


I’m not much of a history buff (T is), but the idea that a society existed in the 1600’s and that the buildings are still somewhat in tact amazes both of us.


Ingapirca Ruins, Ecuador…

P1030398 Inca Ruins - Copy

P1030387 Inca Ruins - Copy

P1030434 - Copy




On the right is the Inca Road that goes for miles and miles through the Andes Mountains.

P1030411 Inca Ruins - Copy


At very high altitudes of 10,000 feet above sea level in a basin between mountains,  the views from Ingapirca Ruins left us standing with our mouths wide open.

P1030445 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views

P1030451 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views

P1030453 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views

P1030443 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views

P1030444 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views


The most significant building at the Ingapirca ruins is the Temple of the Sun, an elliptical-shaped building constructed in the traditional Incan way—without mortar. This fact makes the archeological site even more impressive.

P1030424 Inca Ruins - Copy


Each stone was chiseled by hand and perfectly fit together. Apparently, the stones were heated to make the chiseling easier for a perfect fit.

P1030435 Inca Ruins, Stone Construction - Copy

P1030432 Inca Ruins, Perfectly-fitted Stones - Copy


The Incas who built this site even had a type of plumbing system.

P1030412 - Copy


The Temple of the Sun showed the knowledge of the Incas. The temple was built so that on the solstices, sunlight would fall into the center of a doorway.

P1030428 Inca Ruins - Copy

 P1030437 Inca Ruins, Massive Stone Arch - Copy

The Festival of the Sun was a yearly Incan religious ceremony in honor of one of their gods, Inti Raymi, and one can envision the ceremony taking place in that very spot.

P1030438 Inca Ruins, Massive Stone Arch 

P1030452 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views


Ingapirca has the largest archeological ruins in the country.

Astonishingly beautiful views from the top of the ruins, and they were stunning in every direction!

P1030445 Inca Ruins, Incredible Views


P1030393 - Copy


P1030366 Mtn Valley Vista - Copy

P1030361 Mtn Valley Vista - Copy

P1030355 Mtn Valley Vista - Copy



There were some strange carved rocks. One was a Sacrificial Rock.

P1030421 Inca Ruins, Sacrificial Rock - Copy

But what were these rocks used for? Any ideas???



P1030418 - Copy


What we liked most was the obvious original and natural environment, set in a broad mountain valley with farm land all around, and alpacas grazing in the field next to the ruins.

P1030448 Inca Ruins, Incredible ViewsP1030447

P1030378 Llamas - Copy

P1030386 - Copy


P1030404 Llamas - Copy

P1030381 Hallucinogenic Flowers at Inca Ruins - Copy


After wandering the Ingapirca ruins most of the day, we stayed close-by at the lovely Posada Ingapirca Inn…

P1030461 Ingapirca Inn

P1030460 House and Horse

P1030491 Ingapirca Inn


The key to our room…

P1030475 Room Key for  Ingapirca Inn


The grounds were gorgeous…

P1030462 View from Ingapirca Inn


The Games Room was rather unique…


P1030467 Ingapirca Inn Lounge



And the views from the inn were incredible too…

P1030472 View from Ingapirca Inn Dining Rm

P1030471 View from Ingapirca Inn Dining Rm

P1030464 View from Ingapirca Inn

P1030463 View from Ingapirca Inn


That night we had dinner at the Ingapirca Inn…

P1030470 Ingapirca Inn Dining Rm

P1030473 View from Ingapirca Inn Dining Rm


They offered us this exotic drink made from a purple plant… it was good!

P1030482 Special Drink


And dessert with a purple sauce (the chef must have been experimenting with purple foods)…

P1030489 Pineapple with Purple Sauce


That night a dreamy purple fog settled in at the Ingapirca Inn…

P1030481 Fog at Ingapirca Inn


And we slept soundly with soft purple dreams of Inca ruins enveloped in a purple fog…

P1030479 Fog at Ingapirca Inn



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9 Responses to Ingapirca Ruins and Purple Fog

  1. Brought back memories of Pueblo Ruins tour we took on the way to the Grand Canyon about 10 years ago. There were only 4 of us and the Guide was so knowledgeable. However, the countryside is so much prettier than in the desert, and the evening meal/purple hues reflecting in the fog are mesmerizing for sure.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      Oh, the Pueblo Ruins would be fascinating too. Funny, I’m not much into History of a place, but I think the Ruins as an actual evidence of a former people right in front of you makes it far more real for me rather than just words in a book. Yes, the purple fog was a little magical.

  2. Connie Hollick says:

    Wow! Beautiful Pictures. Purple fog = Cool 🙂

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  4. This brought back some memories Shirley. You forgot to mention that the Inga Pirca ruins are in Ecuador!

  5. Shirley H says:

    Thanks for commenting Alison and Don. Actually, I did mention that the Ingapirca ruins were in Ecuador, right at the beginning.

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