ASIA Super Trip: Our Greatest Fear


Last Long-Haul Trip


We’re going on our very last long haul trip over the Pacific Ocean to S.E. Asia – our Asia Super Trip is what we’re calling it.

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It’s our last long plane trip because it is just getting too hard to be on a plane for three-quarters of a day. Travel is not much fun when it becomes an endurance test, so a word of caution to all travellers – do the long distance 10-15 hour-flight travel while you are young, save the 2-6 hour flights for later. 

Image result for long haul flights

Image result for long haul flights

Requesting Your Advice for Asia Super Trip


Have you been to the Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore? Or do you live in one of these places?


If so, can you give us some advice on food, safety, accommodation, do’s and don’ts? Trying to research all of these places at once is a challenge. Besides, first-hand information is always the best!


The Five Countries on our List:


Philippines: specifically, Cebu and El Nido

Borneo: specifically Sabah

Malaysia: specifically Penang

Indonesia: Gili Meno Island, Bali Lombok

Singapore: a city-island state


Why so many countries? Well, we figure if we are going to fly for 15 solid hours from Vancouver, we had better make it worthwhile and see as much as we can. 


But we need your advice, and probably so do a lot of other people.


Anyone else going to these areas in the new year? Let us know where you’re going and what your plan is. Maybe we can meet up.


Have you been to any of these places in S.E. Asia?

What do you remember most?

What did you wish you had known before you got there?

Can you help us with where to eat, where to stay, must-sees, and do’s and don’ts for each place? 


Sometimes it is the little things that help the most.


Our Biggest Fear


We are most worried about Malaria and other tropical diseases. Malaria pills make most people sick. Should we take them? If they make you sick and ruin your vacation, is it worth it? 

S. E. Asia Super Trip - Our Greatest Fear

S. E. Asia Super Trip – Our Greatest Fear


How high is the risk of Malaria? Researching online has not provided answers to that specific question. What percentage of tourists actually get Malaria in Cebu or El Nido, in Sabah, in Penang, on Gili Meno Island, or in Singapore?

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We did find one site, Emergency Stand-by Medication, that suggests that you can bring along a medication which you can take after contracting Malaria, if you think you have it, and then contact a doctor as soon as possible. This much we know: getting Malaria is most likely in remote areas and least likely in big cities and tourist areas. We are going to several remote areas. Travelling to little known places is our mantra.


The Malaria Controversy


At what point does the risk of adverse reactions to malaria pre-treatment outweigh the risk of malaria infection??? There seems to be some controversy in this regard: Medscape: Controversy re Malaria Risks.


Apparently, there are Malaria Test Kits as well, in which case you can purchase the same and if you feel ill, you can test yourself before taking any emergency medication. This feels like the best alternative to us. If you have knowledge in this area, please share with all of us – health is always number one.



Your Thoughts on the Asia Super Trip


If you live in any of these countries or have ever visited, we’d love to hear your recommendations, suggestions, cautions, and tips on any aspect of travelling in S. E. 

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We’re leaving soon to escape this Canadian winter, and we would really appreciate any advice or tips or thoughts you have.


If you would rather not post your advice in the comments below, though we all love the comments, you can always send a private message here: Private Message.


Rationalizing, we are saying the old adage to ourselves:

99% of what we worry about will never happen; the other 1 % we can handle. Asia Super Trip, here we come.


We’re leaving in a few days, but of course, we will be posting about our real experiences, mishaps and crazy adventures when we return. 


Thanks so much for your help,

           Shirley and Mr. T

Out Of The Office

ASIA Super Trip



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5 Responses to ASIA Super Trip: Our Greatest Fear

  1. We loved SE Asia but haven’t been to any of these places. The closest was a month in Bali and I can’t remember if we took malaria meds or not. You’ll have a fabulous time!
    Happy travels

  2. Thanks Alison. I expect we will have a fabulous time with lots of crazy stories to share afterwards.

  3. A big thank you to all those who have shared their experiences in S. E. Asia by private email.

  4. Marion says:

    Singapore is a great place to visit…. clean, safe,great food,…visit Little India., public transportation..easy. Accommodation in hotel on river reasonably priced, central.
    Gily Meno ….we opted out of malaria pills…used insect repellents during day and mosquito nets while sleeping…no worries.
    Look forward to your post on your return…’s been about 10 years since we were there. The island was a bit of a mess then…just after the persecution of the Christians (dwellings and restaurants burned).
    We were bombarded by a wicked storm and were unable to snorkel.
    ….not one of our best stops…..Lombok was great….. barter got good rates on accommodation. Bali ….you’ll love it….

  5. Excellent information Marion. We are staying in Little India in Singapore. Just found out that you can now take Doxycycline antibiotic for Malaria which has much fewer side effects than the previous Malaria pills. We did not know about the persecution of the Christians on Gili Meno- unbelievable! Oh yes, you never think ahead of the possibility of storms. Thanks for the tips and great to hear from you.

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