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Travel To Little Known Places


Are you looking for an authentic, down-to-earth travel website, with a little kick of humour? 

Are you looking for a fresh honest perspective of your destination, product or website? We can help.

Who writes this blog? Shirley Hollick


A bit of history…


It seemed like our email letters sent back home while travelling caused a little excitement (read concern, disbelief, sympathy and suspicion), and we loved writing them! Some friends suggested I start a website. I had no idea how to do it, but before tearing my hair out, I actually set up the website.

MY PASSION FOR TRAVELLING OFF THE BEATEN PATH lead to stories about unusual places and hilarious misadventures, some of which my relatives still don’t believe happened. “You didn’t really go to all those places, did you?” and “Did that really happen?!” they say.

A TOUCH OF THE EXOTIC is often what we seek, combined with quiet, serene places (a South Pacific Island all to yourself), local cultural experiences (staying in a tiny village), a little adventure (zip-lining across jungle treetops) and always to places that cost less (we’re not cheap; we just want to afford to travel to a lot more places.)

TRAVEL TO LITTLE KNOWN PLACES is not only a place for you to escape the daily grind but a place where you can travel vicariously, find budget travel tips, or find inspiration to start your own travel adventures.

We are here to show you:

  • That it is possible to step out of your comfort zone and have amazing new experiences.
  • How to travel overseas cheaper than travelling across your home country.
  • That it is possible to travel with the one you love (without killing each other) and have the best time ever.


What can we do for you?

  • Sponsored posts
  • Freelance
  • Guest posting
  • Blog Post Exchanges
  • Direct links
  • Ghost Writing
  • Photographs & Photography 
  • Banners / Advertising (related to our travel style)
  • Reviews of Places, Products and Websites (that align with our travel style)
  • Brand Ambassadors for Places, Products and Websites (that align with our travel style)       We will hop on a trip or two per year for country tourist offices, tour groups or airline companies, and take photos, write a post about our experience, and write for their blog. Each campaign is tailored to the destination and we work hard before the trip to build an itinerary that will resonate with our readers and show off the destination to the fullest. We can develop long term campaigns, recurring campaigns where we revisit a destination at different times of the year and/or shorter one-time advertising initiatives to promote an event or activity.
  • Become a Partner (We are actively seeking partnerships, sponsorships, and ambassadorships with tourism boards and travel companies to promote destinations and brands. We always provide honest and personal reviews of destinations, hotels, products and events.)
  • Competitions & Giveaways (as long as the prize is truly worthwhile. We won’t run contests where readers must sign up to a million lists or follows or spams or votes. Sorry, it’s our blog and we draw the line there.)
  • Insert your own proposal here…


Please, contact us to know more about our next adventures (maybe Zanzibar or the Philippines or Malaysia, or Samoa or…). You might be able to sponsor us! 


Or just ask if you’d like to send us somewhere. We’re open to travelling anywhere, anytime!


Blog, Website or Business?

Need a hand with your blog? I would be more than happy to coach you! Drop me an e-mail!

Need help with your design? I’m not a pro. But, I love it. So, if you like what you see, feel free to contact us!

Are you a travel blogger? 

Would you like to be featured on my sidebar?

We are happy to feature your blog (that aligns with our travel style) to help you build your audience.


One week – 10$

One month – 25$

Come work with us! Contact us via email to get more details!


VP of Marketing at says, “Working with the travel blogging community has been the best marketing investment we’ve made to date.”




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We guarantee that we will present the utmost professionalism, initiative and enthusiasm when promoting your destination or brand, and give our readers an informed honest opinion about our experience.

Thank you for your interest.

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