40 Cheapest Places To Travel

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We all want to go to a beautiful, fascinating, relaxing place, but wouldn’t it be great if that could be one of the cheapest places as well?  There are such places – more than you might think.


The only reason we can afford to travel at least once a year is because we find the cheapest places. Since we live in Canada, we tend to travel during the long cold winter and we look for the best and cheapest places to go. Even on those years that I have said to my husband that we won’t go anywhere this year, something happens to me at thirty below zero. I go bananas. I will do almost anything to get away from the snow and cold. Heck, I would even give up chocolate, and believe me, that’s major.


Scouring the web, we researched all the cheapest places to travel in the world. Fortunately, many sites have done much of the leg work for us, and have made lists of the least expensive places to vacation, but they often use so many items of comparison, it becomes confusing. We’ve collated them, calculated total prices, and consolidated those inexpensive places into one place with one total price for each country right here for you – and us.


And before you say anything, yes, we choose only safe, beautiful places as well as places having low costs for food, accommodation and taxi.


Beside each destination, you will find a basic daily cost in Canadian dollars which includes dinner for one, a 3 star hotel, 1 beer and a 1 km taxi ride. A map is at the bottom of the page to help you locate places on the globe. 


Starting with the destinations closest to North America, here is Travel To Little Known Places coveted…


 40 Cheapest Places to Travel:



Guatemala $86C

Nicaragua $101C

Honduras $111C

Mexico $116C

Dominican Republic $119C

Costa Rica $137C

Cuba $142C



Paraguay $77

Bolivia $89C

Uruguay $107C

Peru $118C

Brazil $122C

Argentina $179C



Albania $68

Bulgaria $82C

Montenegro $83C

Hungary $85C

Greece $86C

Russia $87C

Portugal $125

Ireland $150C



Turkey $83

Turkmenistan $154

Israel – $158C 



Morocco $96C

Ethiopia $96C

Tanzania $112



Nepal $48

India $66C

Cambodia $72C

Vietnam $80

China $83

Philippines $91C

Laos $100C

Sri Lanka $109C



Malaysia $73

Indonesia $91C

Thailand $113C  (Northern Thailand is much less)



Tonga $125

Samoa  $150


For a detailed breakdown of the cost of living for each country go to: Numbeo.com

• For Comparison: Canada is $140C and U.S. is $190C

You could reduce these amounts significantly by staying in a small inn or apartment away from the major cities in each country

• The countries nearby each of these countries would often have a similar cost of travel

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6 Responses to 40 Cheapest Places To Travel

  1. All those choices – who knows where to start? Smiles.

    • Start at the beginning and work your way down??? Or just pick what appeals most to you. My problem is that as soon as I read something that sparks my interest about a place, I just have to go there!

  2. Ha ha. Even if one went to half of those places, it would make you a world traveller! There were even a few surprises for us – we thought Nepal was expensive… turns out it is the number one cheapest place to go!

  3. Wendy says:

    If only I had the time!!! Maybe when I retire…

  4. If you wait till you retire, it might be too late.

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