#1 Travel Cosmetics: Irresistible BOOM!


Wow! I just love BOOM Sticks. Compact cosmetics sticks, perfect for purse and travel.


I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I rarely have time for make-up. We are anxious to get out and see the million things there are to see in a new country. Still, it would be nice to have something small, light and quick to soften and protect my skin and it’s finally here. BOOM cosmetics are perfect. 


The Boom Sticks (which I call Boom-Sticka-Boom because they are amazing) will change your cosmetics routine. There are 3 small sticks, perfect for your purse and travel. They come in a small light bag that you could hold in one hand, but they last a long time. The ingredients are all natural, and they give your skin a dewy youthful glow. Best of all, they can be applied in seconds which results in a look that is healthy and fresh.


Discussed in magazines like Oprah, Glamour, Style, Vogue, Elle and Woman’s Health, the reviews are raving.


BOOM Philosophy


I love Boom’s philosophy. Cindy says, “Trying to hide our age only makes us look desperate. We have all seen make-up that accentuates wrinkles in an attempt to hide them. You look fabulous as you are! It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.


BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is the first pro-age cosmetic line designed for women of every generation.  Built on the principle of celebrating all ages as beautiful, her products don’t intend to “fix” or “cover-up.”  Instead, they enhance the color, glow, and natural radiance of a woman.


She talks about the fact that it is time to celebrate our natural beauty, vitality and wisdom.


I spoke to Cindy Joseph, the founder of BOOM!, by email. She was absolutely lovely: real and honest, open and warm. It’s not often you can speak directly with the founder of any product, and it’s not often they are so personable and friendly. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. 


Cindy J0seph


BOOM Sticks


To this end Cindy Joseph has brought us some irresistible cosmetic products, but my favourite ones are the Travel Sticks. No heavy thick products full of chemicals. These are the real thing to give you a radiant glow and protect your skin without looking like a costumed doll.


There are three purse-size cosmetic sticks, about an inch in diameter. 


BOOM Stick Glo


The Boom Stick Glo is perfect for a natural moisturizer that gives you that healthy dew-like complexion. It moisturizes and provides a soft healthy shine and feels great on the skin. I loved its light airy feel.


BOOM Stick Color


The Boom Stick Color surprised me the most. You wouldn’t believe it, but you can use it as blush, shadow and lipstick! Three cosmetics in one tube. It is a unique sheer pinkish-brown shade that creates a nice flush on the cheeks, yet seems darker brown as eye shadow, and on lips looks like your natural lip color, just deepened. So you have make-up on, but it looks totally like you. Make-up is after all, intended to highlight what you have, not look artificial and painted on.


BOOM Stick Glimmer


The Boom Stick Glimmer is the perfect highlighter for touching up spots where you want a little extra glimmer: cheeks, brows, body. It is a light champagne colour and with the stick goes on perfectly.

The overall affect accentuates your best features without looking made-up.

There is only one thing is missing –  mascara. However, if you are travelling in a hot country or on the beach, you probably won’t want mascara melting down your cheeks anyway. The 3 Boom sticks work like magic, only take a few minutes, and you can be out the door looking like a million bucks, while your guy is astonished that you are ready before he is.


4 Other BOOM Products


All of the Boom cosmetics are pure, safe, organic, cruelty and gluten free. They contain no binders, parabens, phthalates, colors, perfumes, or emulsifiers.

There are four other Boom products for use at home, though the jars are still small enough for travel use. All Boom products openly share all ingredients on the container and you won’t find any weird chemicals or fillers.




Boom Silk is wonderful. It literally feels like silk on your face and it is protecting, nourishing and healing. I love the way it feels going on and I am impressed with how soft and subtle my skin is hours after using it.

Photo Silk

Boom Silk


BOOM Touch


Boom Touch is a personal lubricant, but has almost the same natural ingredients as Boom Silk minus the honey. Don’t tell anyone, but it feels great on the face, hands and body too.

Photo Touch

Boom Touch

BOOM Cotton


Boom Cotton is a thick greasy product with little granules in it that dissolve as you rub it on. It is recommended for oilier skin because it should not leave a shine. Personally, it was not my favourite because it was so thick and greasy, but others praise it. 

Photo Cotton

Boom Cotton



I giggled putting this mask on. It is sticky and black and feels like you are putting molasses on your face. Of course, no one looks pretty with any mask – they’re all colourful concoctions that we tend to use behind closed bathroom doors if at all possible. With ingredients like all-natural raw honey mixed with French pink clay, Hawaiian blue-green algae (for elasticity), essential oils, royal jelly, and propolis (anti-bacterial), it’s no wonder it looks and feels a little gooey, but the end result was lovely. My skin was exfoliated and detoxed and it felt clean, smooth and nourished.

Photo Mask

Boom  Mask


BOOM Ingredients


Most Boom products contain a protective moisturizing ingredient like honey (natural preservative and stimulant of collagen production) as well as bee pollen (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids).



BOOM Prices


All Boom products are reasonably priced and range from $27 to $77 U.S and are shipped out of New York, where Cindy Joseph is based. You could find cheaper product but they will be full of unhealthy chemicals and fillers. You will definitely find more expensive products, but to me it would be a waste of money when you could use this all-natural product and find you get oodles of compliments on how fresh and glowing you look. Sometimes people don’t know exactly what it is but just have to tell you that you look wonderful. That’s because Boom cosmetics provide such a natural glow.

My recommendation: Buy the Boom Stick Trio at $77 and you have everything you need for your purse while on the go or travelling. You won’t regret it. Personally, I’ve been waiting for these for a long time.

Photo Boom Sticks Trio


BOOM History


Cindy Joseph began her career as a make-up artist in Paris, then in New York, but as a teenager she wanted to hide her many “flaws”, as she saw them. In an act of rebellion, she quit using make-up in her last year of high school. Even then, she practiced letting the natural beauty of the models shine through. She started modelling herself at the age of 49 when she was approached on the street. Rather than anti-aging, she is campaigning for PRO-AGING and you might recognize her face from many popular products like Garnier, Olay, Elizabeth Arden and Aveda. She has modeled for Macy’s, Sundance, Bloomingdales, Target, J.Jill, Shopbop, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, J. Crew and her face has been in magazines like Oprah, More, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Real Simple, Marie Clair, Experience Life, and European and Japanese magazines.




As Cindy says, “You have lived a long and rich life. Your face tells a wonderful story. Why hide it? Your face reveals an individual life story. BOOM! is not about changing your features, looking younger or covering the beauty you have earned. BOOM! is for women who want to celebrate them lives and wear it proudly”.


My life philosophy is very similar to Cindy’s. Less is more as you age. Heavy make-up only ages you more. Give me something practical and sensible and gentle on my skin. Celebrate your age. Just so you know, I am just an ordinary woman, and this is a product I would buy tomorrow, and tell all of my family, friends and sisters about it.


And I say, “You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t hide it under pounds of make-up, enhance it with BOOM Sticks.”



You can find all the information and prices for BOOM! products at http://www.boombycindyjoseph.com/


Over the years, I have wasted money on so many cosmetics purporting everything from eternal youth to disappearing tricks, but BOOM is the first product that truly delivers what it claims to do. 


Finally, BOOM Sticks are here! You’re gonna love em’!


Boom-Sticka-Boom… Boom-Sticka-Boom… Boom-Sticka-Boom…

Was that a song?


NOTE: We were not paid to review these products, and although we received free samples of the products, our opinions are completely our own and they are our honest impressions of the products.

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