Gingerbread Medieval Lane, Kufstein, Austria


About ten years ago, we were driving through the rich rolling hills of Austria, licking lush Gelato ice cream cones, and I swear the hills were so beautiful that they were alive with the Sound of Music… 



But this time we were on the train heading through a different part of Austria – the impressive Austrian Alps…

DSC01234~ DSC01239~ DSC01274~ DSC01314~ DSC01338~


Nestled in the Austrian Alps is a small mountain town called Kufstein

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We stayed at the Hotel Kufsteinerhof at 204E (317C) right in the centre of town…

DSC01354~ DSC01359~


With a great view of the Kufstein Fortress of 1205… (upper left corner)

DSC01365~ DSC01375~


But the highlight of Kufstein was the gingerbread house lane, Romerhofgasse Lane

DSC01570~ DSC01556~


With its low arches, traditional lanterns, fresco-ed facades, medieval costumes, Lederhosen, cobblestone, strange mountain hats and cowbells, it looked like a set from a movie…

DSC01552~ DSC01553~

DSC01548~ DSC01547~


Another evening we had drinks at the 530-year-old Batzenhausl wine tavern – Tyrol’s oldest wine tavern burrowing into cliffs below fortress…

DSC01401~ DSC01403~ DSC01404~ DSC01409~ DSC01410~


Another night our eyes popped when we were served this huge dinner in Romerhofgasse Lane… talk about plentiful and hearty!

DSC01565~ DSC01566~ DSC01564~ DSC01562~


But Romerhofgasse Lane at night was positively delightful…

DSC01393~ DSC01398~ DSC01391~


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