Gingerbread Medieval Lane, Kufstein, Austria


Years earlier, we were driving through the rich rolling hills of Austria, licking lush Gelato ice cream cones, and I swear the hills were so beautiful that they were alive with the Sound of Music… 



But this time we were on the train heading through a different part of Austria – the impressive Austrian Alps…

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Nestled in the Austrian Alps is a small mountain town called Kufstein

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We stayed at the Hotel Kufsteinerhof at 204E (317C) right in the centre of town…

DSC01354~ DSC01359~


With a great view of the Kufstein Fortress of 1205… (upper left corner)

DSC01365~ DSC01375~


But the highlight of Kufstein was the gingerbread house lane, Romerhofgasse Lane

DSC01570~ DSC01556~


With its low arches, traditional lanterns, fresco-ed facades, medieval costumes, Lederhosen, cobblestone, strange mountain hats and cowbells, it looked like a set from a movie…

DSC01552~ DSC01553~

DSC01548~ DSC01547~


Another evening we had drinks at the 530-year-old Batzenhausl wine tavern – Tyrol’s oldest wine tavern burrowing into cliffs below fortress…

DSC01401~ DSC01403~ DSC01404~ DSC01409~ DSC01410~


Another night our eyes popped when we were served this huge dinner in Romerhofgasse Lane… talk about plentiful and hearty!

DSC01565~ DSC01566~ DSC01564~ DSC01562~


But Romerhofgasse Lane at night was positively delightful…

DSC01393~ DSC01398~ DSC01391~


essdee1_cover (8) Dec 13 FINAL COVER

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5 Responses to Gingerbread Medieval Lane, Kufstein, Austria

  1. Ohhhh my, that food looked scrumptious. We were in a wine kellar in Germany years ago……an experience like no other. Love the Alps.

  2. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Ahh, you know what I’m talking about then. Kufstein, Austria, is right near the border of Germany. There are so many cool places that are hundreds of years old in Europe, and with real character!

  3. Love that wine cave! And the food looks really, really good. When we were in Austria, I loved it for its green storybook look. We were not there long enough to discover any gems like this, unfortunately!

  4. I am a rolling-green-hills and tree lover, so I could easily live in Austria. The people and the food, yes, were also amazing.

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