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Time. Have you ever noticed that we are slaves to time almost every minute of the day?

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Time to get up, time to go to school/work, time to get a job finished on time, time to go for lunch, time to get more work done, time for coffee, time for an appointment, time to go home, time to make supper, time to do dishes, time to get groceries, time to get gas, time to do the things on the list before going to bed, time to go to bed, time to get up… rinse and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.



The Great Escape


A routine is a good thing – it keeps us organized and focussed, but sometimes we need to break out of our boring routines, and change things up. We need an escape.


We can do that with travel –  but there is also another way to escape that every day routine and it is a heck of a lot cheaper. Become a time travellerGrab a good book and escape into another place… another life… another time. 


Ready to Become a Time Traveller?


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Suddenly you are transported into an intriguing and exciting story far from day to day life, and as you turn each page with the anticipation of a child with his first cookie, those words take you to another time.



Come Alive

Reading a good book offers one that childlike awe that makes us come alive again, and we can do that in a very simple way – with a good book we become a time traveller.



The Gift That Lasts Forever


Whether you want to give the gift of a book, something inexpensive but something that also lasts forever, or if you just want to escape to another time and place yourself, we have a list of some of our favourite books below.



With the help of our friends from BookWitty, the world’s largest catalogue of books, we have partnered to offer you a choice of over 26 million books from around the world, offered at fair prices and with free worldwide shipping.


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You really can travel the world without leaving your armchair. 

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Travel Books

So many good books here… but The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux is one of my personal favourites, and probably what initiated my passion for travel. 

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Travel Stories

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Your Favourite Books


Have fun! Lose yourself in a good book…


What is one of your favourite books? Did you escape the daily grind, escape to another time and place to become a time traveller? Why not get that great book for someone special?



Please do share your recommendations of favourite books in the comment section below so others can become time travellers too!

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