The End of That Little Road

Road & Sheep, NZ

I wonder what is at the end of that little road?! That question lead us to find some amazing places that tourists seldom get to see.  All the way through New Zealand, we slid off the main highway to see what was at the end of “that little road”.


Weeks later, we met a local couple and they invited us to their cottage at a famous New Zealand resort. She had gone on ahead and he wanted to show us some places that “tourists seldom get to see”. Turns out we had already seen all of them! He was genuinely surprised, and a little disappointed that he couldn’t be the first to show us these off-the-beaten path places.


We had quite an interesting time at that resort. That night, New Year’s Eve, the couple were drinking and started arguing. We decided to go for a walk along the beach.


There were many luxurious homes, some with their own small airplane. We passed by a house with Porsches and Lamborghinis in the driveway, and people laughing and joking around a pool. R suggested we crash the party, and before I could object we were in the open lobby of the house.

 Pool Party, NZ

People started whispering and you just knew they were asking who that couple came with. Others started talking to us. The owner, charming as could be, insisted we help ourselves to drinks and food. Later we found out the he was the owner of the biggest car dealer in New Zealand, in Auckland.


One man asked what kind of work we did in Canada and why were in New Zealand. Again, as I opened my mouth to speak, R announced brightly that we were Importers, here to import the deer in New Zealand back to Canada! My mouth must have fallen open, at least for a second, and then I smiled sideways in awkward agreement.


We left shortly thereafter, giggling like teenagers.

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  1. Ashley says:

    A Beautiful place. Love it!

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