House Sit: Cleaning The Chicken Coop

Today we cleaned out the chicken coop at our house sit in Clairac, France. Yup! Easy Peasy.  Only problem was that fat Old Momma Chicken would not move. She’s nesting again! So we had to work around “Ms. Precious”.



The other 3 chickens had already been let out in the early morning…

DSC07924~ DSC07922~


Pitchfork, rake, and wheelbarrow in hand we cleaned out the straw (covered in chicken crap) into the wheelbarrow, and tossed in some fresh straw, spreading it nicely around.



T is raking; I’m holding the wheelbarrow.





For city folk, I think we did a pretty good job.

All day, inside and out, we were cleaning and washing and mowing.

Farmer T looks like a natural on the Ride-On Mower. With 2 acres of lawn to cut, he had a big job to do.




While T was mowing, I took some photos of a lovely flowering tree in the yard…




T took a break to get on a bicycle and take a wobbly ride to the main gate and back…. not bad for it being years and years since he was on a bike…



Next we drove to a neighboring village, Aiguillon, to wash clothes at the Laverie.







Then it was back home to hang the clothes on the clothes line (memories of by-gone days) …



Finally it was time to relax with the computer, sitting by the river, with the three dogs: two playing, one wanting attention.



But what did I find a few hours later when I went to check the clothes on the line?!! 3 long white streaks of Pigeon poop down my favourite pants!!! T snickered as I held the pants away from me and stomped into the house to hand wash them!




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7 Responses to House Sit: Cleaning The Chicken Coop

  1. larocquecnda says:

    I see a gorgeous Citroen 2CV parked in the garage. Does that car run and would it be for sale , by chance.

    In my student days in Hertfortdshire, we went around the whole of Europe on a 2CV..our hippie wagon. What a blast when time was not so precious.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      Yes, apparently it does run, the owner of the house told us. We were just house sitting.

  2. Sounds like a fun time was had by all 🙂
    Sounds also like a beautiful place.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      Yes, time is certainly what you need in Europe. There is so much to see… you could spend months in ONE country.

  3. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Yes, it was a lovely place Alison and Don, and a great adventure.

    • Jim Batzold says:

      Hi Shirley,Thanks for the posts I really enjoy them. I sent them to my brother who spent a lot of time in France and traveled a bit in Europe. I am sure he will like them too. Cheers Jim

  4. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Thanks so much Jim, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Any and all feedback is always welcome!

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