In The Pink


Birds are not a big attraction for us, but we were a little curious about the Yucatan flamingos. We thought $100 was a little steep for the Flamingo Boat Tour out of Celestun, so we declined several offers from local tour operators.  


Since there was a large lagoon stretching for miles along the highway near Telchac, where we were staying, we started looking for the flamingos there. Some parts of the lagoon were quite pretty, but there were no flamingos to be seen.

DSC05002~ DSC05004~ DSC05005


We spotted the flamingos a little farther down, but they were little pink specks far in the distance. Still their “pinkness” was quite evident, and lovely; we were pleasantly surprised.



Hoping they would come closer, we waited.


And waited. It was more exciting to see them than we expected. 


Cousin H decided he could walk towards them in the shallow water hoping to get a closer photo. He clambered down the steep bank, took off his shoes and socks, and after two steps sunk to his ankles in sticky sand/mud. He could barely pull his feet out. As he squawked and groaned, we laughed.



Still waiting, we started a video in the hope that we would capture a good photo of flamingos in flight. No, even on zoom, they were too far away.


A photo, zoomed in, was slightly better.

DSC05016 Closer~


The flamingos did fly off finally, but they were too far in the distance for either photo or video of good quality. It was still an awesome site to see their bright pink feathers sparkling in the sun as they flew across the sky.



Here is one close-up on take-off. They move like their tail feathers are on fire!


[mapsmarker marker=”42″]


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3 Responses to In The Pink

  1. We are staying right down the road from this lagoon right now in Telchac Puerto! Everytime we drive past to go into Merida we hope the flamingos will be a little closer, but they are always just out of range of the zoom lens!

  2. Really? That’s cool. Well, if you happen to get a good photo, please share. You’re not staying at Cantamar, are you?

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