Halloween Apples, Peanuts & Cake; If You Don’t…


Halloween Apples, Peanuts and Cake,

If You Don’t Give Us Any,

Your Toilet Will Shake!


Remember that? Ok, that was even before my time, before indoor toilets even! – but it has a lovely rhythm, n’est ce pas?


Moving to Ontario has been almost like exploring another country. On the prairies, few people go all out in decorating their homes like they do here. It was a surprise to see scary Halloween monsters everywhere I looked, from on the street, to in the country, to at the stores.


Here’s are the gloomy decorations on our neighbour’s lawn.

St. Thomas Oct 07 Card 6 067 Closer St. Thomas Oct 07 Card 6 066



Some places are really elaborate, others put out just a few things, but you often see people outside setting up their creepy Halloween decorations for hours on end… spreading cobwebs on the trees, making stuffed witches, setting up toothy-grinning pumpkins and eerie graveyards, ominous skeletons and gauzy ghosts.

House 1

DSC07705 DSC07701 DSC07692

DSC07691 DSC07688 Closer DSC07678

DSC07701 Closer 2 DSC07701 Closer1 DSC07692 DSC07692 Closer DSC07692 Closer 3 DSC07692 Closer 2


Shops go bananas for Halloween too.

DSC07561 DSC07560 DSC07558 DSC07562 DSC07569 DSC07570


Not far from us, in a little town, the whole downtown area looks like it’s gone mad! Take a closer look at the lamp posts!


DSC07118 DSC07119 DSC07122 DSC07123 DSC07124 Closer DSC07125 Closer DSC07126


Then there are the Corn Mazes. These are loads of fun for adults and kids, and scarier than one might expect! Screams and yells and shocked giggles emanate from all directions! One could go bloomin’ mad in there! Especially if you can’t find your way out!

Maze Event 64632582 Corn Maze Spider Webs
Corn Maze Men W Saws

Corn Maze Runners


The Spooky Woods is not for the faint-hearted either. Lurking behind every tree is a… monster, or a ghost, or a bleeding corpse or – oh no – a giant man with a booming chain saw raised high above his head and echoing through the woods!

Spooky Woods



There is a witch’s mate here too… a wicked black cat named Elliot.

DSC05436 DSC05385


To read about strange Halloween traditions in other parts of the world, like Europe, check this site Halloween Traditions in Europe.


Be careful out there.






Oh, and by the way, in case you’re wondering what kind of Halloween treats to buy, Yahoo Food did a survey on kid’s favourite Halloween candy. Here are the results. 21% of respondents voted for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The top five candies: Snickers, M&Ms, chocolate bars, and Kit Kats. What candies do they hate? Licorice, raisins, candy corn, gum, and “fruit” (does that even count?). See Favourite Halloween Candy.


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