Amazing Gifts That Cost Almost Nothing

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Tis the season to BUY, BUY, BUY. But what if you could GIVE, GIVE, GIVE for pennies? Maybe this year you’re a little light on cash, or you are just tired of the commercialization of Christmas. You’re ready to find inexpensive gifts that are both practical and special.


Here are a Few Inexpensive Ideas:


  1. Give a gift certificate for something you know the person really NEEDS. It could be a gift certificate for gas, a gift certificate to a grocery store, a gift certificate to a clothing store, a gift certificate to the Dollar Store. Better yet, give a homemade gift certificate for free babysitting, a free dinner, free dog-walking, free garden-watering, free transportation to appointments, free interior decorating plan, free shopping, free pet-sitting, or whatever you can easily do for that person.Image result for homemade gift certificateImage result for pet sitting
  2. Go through all your CLOSETS and the garage. Dollars to doughnuts you will find something you no longer need or want that someone else could use. Clean it up, wrap it or put a big bow on it, and give it to someone who might truly appreciate it. This is an inexpensive Christmas gift that can still be wonderfully appreciated. You can also find great gifts at garage sales: serving platters, mugs, t-shirts, sets of drinking glasses, vases, crystal serving dishes, new kids’ toys, candleholders, decorative tins, and so on. Image result for used gift from the garageRelated image
  3. Offer your SERVICES. Think about something you are good at. There is always some talent you have that someone else does not have. Are you a good cook, an artist, a seamstress, a poet, a writer, a carpenter, a fixer, a driver, a designer, a computer whiz or a gardener who can offer those skills for a day or a week or an hour? A tray of homemade Christmas baking is always welcome, as is any home-made food. Even a confidente can offer to just listen and support someone who is in crisis. Sometimes the simplest things are the most meaningful.Image result for homemade gift certificateRelated imageRelated image
  4. BOOKS or Magazines on a topic of interest to that person can give someone hours of pleasure. You can even find second-hand books in good condition at your local second-hand store. Think about the interests of the person. How do they spend their time? What do they talk about the most? Are they fascinated with something in particular?Image result for second hand booksImage result for second hand books
  5. Think about how you appreciate a person and THANK them. Wouldn’t you value a hand-written thank you letter from someone telling you how much you made a difference in their lives? A letter like this would be well-received by a teacher, a guardian, a babysitter, a parent, a grandparent or anyone who has done a lot for you in one way or another.Related imageLetter To My Best Friend Youtube Best Friend Letters
  6. SHARE your time with someone special. Take that person to a movie, an art gallery, a theatre event, cook something special together, go out for a dinner, go for a walk in nature, take them out of town for an evening, or do anything special together. One-on-one time is a way of telling the other person that they are special. Giving your time is one of the most generous gifts. This is the kind of gift that people often remember as their favourite gift of all and boy spending time together outdoors
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2 Responses to Amazing Gifts That Cost Almost Nothing

  1. This is a really thoughtful and useful list Shirley. We’ve been doing this kind of thing for quite a while now – consumables rather that more stuff. My sis gets a ski lift ticket this year; that kind of thing.

  2. Thanks Alison. I hope it will be useful to others, especially those who are a little short on funds. Merry Christmas to you and Don!

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