Tonga: The Sexiest Men In The World


First of all, there is something I need to explain. What you are about to discover is that in this country….

… the bigger and the broader you are, the more prestige you have!


Quite a reversal from the cultural expectations in North America! Every time I tell someone about the big men and women on this South Pacific Island nation, especially women, they say, “I want to move there!” And well anyone might want to just that.  It is jaw-dropping beautiful! This is Tonga.

Tonga, Vava'u - Aerial 2

Tonga, Vava’u – Aerial 2


Amazing Tongan beach

Amazing Tongan beach


Enormous Tongan Men

People in Tonga are enormous, often over six feet tall, and well over two hundred pounds. Tongan men and women take great pride in their large physical size.




Tongan men cooking freshly-caught fish on the campfire.




Both Tongan men and women are attractive, but many of the men are simply gorgeous. They’re all built like football players and their features are strong and handsome. One of their thighs is bigger than my whole body, and their broad shoulders shining with coconut oil are just too sumptuously sexy.

Kava Ceremony - Close Up 2

Sexy Tongan man at Kava Ceremony


Tongan Man w Tattoos

Tongan Man w Tattoos


Tongan Men1 4

Tongan Men


Dazzling Smiles of Tongan Men

The Tongan men have dazzling smiles, and their “Chicklet” teeth beam out at you behind warm brown skin.

Kava Ceremony 3

Sexy smiling Tongan man at Kava Ceremony



Friendly helpful big Tongan man


Tongan man at local airport


Tongan Man Dressed for Church 2

Tongan Man Dressed for Church in village


Powerful Tongan Men

One powerful hand of a Tongan man on my arm would send shivers down my spine as I realized any one of these Tongan men could lift me off the ground with one hand.  Even T who is six feet tall, and over two hundred pounds, said he felt like a “peewee” here. We were in the land of giants!


Tongan Men Dancing

Now Ladies, when the Tongan dancing starts, you had better have some cold water on hand because when those oiled Tongan male bodies start gyrating and heaving and grunting in a war-like dance of aggression, you may feel the “heat”!


The drums beat rhythmically, and bare-chested, with grass skirts barely covering their privates, the men shout and stomp and jab their spears toward the audience.



The sheer amount of glistening flesh and quivering thighs is enough to make a girl swoon…


Or WATCH THIS VIDEO, if you prefer the

young fire dancers…



Pacific Islanders Rugby Team War dances…


And Ladies, I wouldn’t blame you if you suddenly developed a passionate interest in Pacific Islands rugby!!!


Yes, “slim” is seen as a fault in Tonga. Tongan people refer to average-size men and women as “stick people”. They prefer beefy solid bodies. Bear-size, one might say, yet still graceful and poised.

IMG_0839 - Closer

Fisherman taking a pail shower on his boat


But if Tongan men are large, they are also gentle and kind, with big brown eyes, rich gleaming chocolate skin, graceful movements and the warmest smiles you’ve ever seen.

IMG_0448 Close Up

Contagious smile of a sexy Tongan man


For my money, these are the sexiest men in the world, but then…

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.


Ladies? What do you think???

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 *This post first appeared on Travel To Little Known Places May 2013


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8 Responses to Tonga: The Sexiest Men In The World

  1. Bookin’ my flight as we speak …..smiles.

  2. Mariana Ta'ai says:

    Ms. Gurl… I am Tongan and um… thank you for the compliments of um… our ‘BUG SEXY MEN’. I am a girl, and we just take pride in our culture and size!! Nothing to sexy and steamy here.

  3. Eyyyyy says:

    as a tongan this shi funny asf lmao

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad you liked it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just visited Tonga, and I concer the sexiest men alive, are Tongan. their smile, their sexiness’ even in a skirt.

  6. Shirley says:

    Exactly! Thank you for concurring with my impressions of the sexiest men in the world – Tongan Men! Even in a skirt!

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