If I Had One Thousand Dollars…


We’ve been researching all kinds of travel accessories to see if there are any that are truly worthwhile, and which ones are just another tech toy to take up more precious room in your carry-on.


But I wish they would invent one friggin’ cord that works in ALL DEVICES. I’m really tired of packing all these individual cords and chargers and accessories for each devices. Aren’t  you?


Of course we all have a cell phone or an Ipad or a small laptop today with many travel apps to guide us in our travels. Be they for maps or accommodation or transportation, there are literally thousands of great travel apps available to download.


But what about luggage and backpacks and cameras and video dash cameras and drones, and those actual things that might make a significant difference in our travel experiences? Something that would make travel more comfortable (and less frustrating) perhaps. We’d vote for that!

So we’re wondering what travel accessories you have bought or would like to buy that you believe are particularly good for enhancing your travel experience. Hence, we have a challenge for you!


If you had $1000 to spend on Amazon, what travel accessories would you buy?


Would it be new lightweight luggage, a new camera, a drone with a video camera, hiking boots, a walk car, a smart watch, camera glasses, an electronic luggage monitor, a portable device charger, an electronic translator, a waterproof/sandproof kindle, a universal adapter, noise-cancelling headphones, a personal GPS, or an expandable carry-on?

Image result for noise cancelling headphones


Or would it be reef stash sandals, a bacteria-destroying water pen, the power handbag that charges all devices, a special travel jacket that has a million pockets, the ultimate carry-on bag, a passport/money holder, a pocket size washing machine, a luggage scooter, a fold-up scooter…


Or a credit card knife, a solar flashlight, a suitcase with a chair, the throw and shoot camera, wild suitcase stickers, or that new sleep hoodie with a blow up pillow inside it?


For example, we loved the walkcars/hoverboards/electric transporters. The original Walkcars were blowing up and catching on fire, but other manufacturers started making something similar, and safer. 


We like the throw and shoot camera that follows you…

Image result for throw and shoot camera


And the luggage scooter might be worth checking out, especially when it’s a mile to your gate at the airport, but now there is one that you can sit on too. Check it out on the Amazon link Luggage Scooter

Micro Luggage



Or ooooh, the camera glasses! I want those!

Product Details


Take a look below and tell us what you would recommend as the best buys for travel gadgets totalling $1000 or less. What would be a good investment for the money? What is just a silly toy? We all want HONEST answers from real people.


What travel accessories would you buy with $1000?

And please, Comment below to help others choose the best travel product.


Here is the Amazon search tool:

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5 Responses to If I Had One Thousand Dollars…

  1. What’s the walk car? Sounds intriguing… except for the exploding part! I would want any kind of folding, portable electric scooter-type thing… anything that could carry me instead of walking when I get tired, but small enough to carry anywhere.

  2. It’s a little platform the size of a laptop that you stand on. It’s electronic and rolls along on 4 wheels. I imagine you would have to have fairly good balance to stand on it while moving along. But, yes, hundreds of stories of them exploding or starting on fire. I was excited about them until I heard that. Anyone used a walk car??? Can you tell us your experience?

    There is some similar new things that seem to be even better though. There is a Backpack Scooter that has an electronic skateboard-like board that folds down from the backpack and goes about 20 Km an hour. I’ll be reviewing it soon. Personally, I like the luggage scooter above best so far.

  3. Marnee Chubak says:

    I think the Universal Adapter …. something lightweight and works on everyyyyything.

  4. Yes, I have one, and it has saved us many a time in our travels.

  5. T says:

    Any of the scooters sound great! Anything that helps me see more faster and allowing me to go farther without getting tired or sore is what I vote for.

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