I Wish You Would Write About…


Recently, someone said to us, “I wish you would write about….”, and it occurred to us that we have never actually asked our loyal readers exactly what travel information they wish we would write about! 


So this is your opportunity to say what you are thinking.


Don’t be shy. Tell us what you would like to know more about in terms of travel and vacations. We will do our darnedest to research thoroughly and provide the information that you are seeking.


Is it the cheapest places to travel? Is it the best bang for your dollar?


Is it the most peaceful places? Or the most exciting places?



Would you like to know more about costs? Or how to take a trip that stays within a certain budget?

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What travel-related problem could we help you solve?

Do tell! No doubt you will be helping tons of other people as well. 


We want to offer travel information that is of real value to you. So speak now or forever hold your peace. 


Should we be writing more about some things and less about others?


What information are you looking for when it comes to travel?

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Would you like someone to research and plan a trip for you?


Would you like to see a specific cost break-down of a trip?

Would you like to read comparisons of expenses of one country to another? Or is cost secondary?


What about distance? Personally, the cost, the distance to travel, and the uniqueness of a place are primary motivators for us. What motivates you to travel?


What are you looking for most of all?


Please share with all of us. Ninety percent of the time, there are other people seeking the same things. 


Have you ever read a travel article and thought,


“Well, I wish they would have said something about….”


We certainly have mumbled that to ourselves. Personally, we are annoyed by vagueness. Give us precise accurate information. For example, don’t tell us how wonderful a place is without giving the exact name and location and costs. Right? 



We are so happy you are here with us, and we value your thoughts, so please take a second and finish this sentence in the Comments Section below,


“I wish you would write about… “


We’re listening…


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5 Responses to I Wish You Would Write About…

  1. Wendy says:

    What places are you planning on visiting this year?

  2. Well. We have discusses travelling in a circle from the islands of the Philippines, to Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and New Guinea, with stopovers in Tokyo on the way there, and Hong Kong on the way back. It would be a big trip. Greece is also on our bucket list and the French Caribbean. So many places… so little time…

  3. nanette boudreau says:

    With Cuba opening to US citizens, I would love hear more about travel to Cuba. We hope to visit next February.

  4. Oh yes, Cuba would be great! We haven’t been there but I know the beaches are fantastic – white sand, clear turquoise water. People are saying go now before it becomes too touristy and loses its charm. So my suggestions is to do a Google search on Blogs Cuba to get first hand real experiences. Then make an itinerary. I know Havana would be on my itinerary.

  5. And we just might go there in January so stay tuned.

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