Gyor, Hungary


I was so excited to return to my favourite small town in Hungary: Gyor.


Near the border of Slovakia and only an hour and a half to continue to Vienna, it’s a pleasant two hour drive from Budapest to Gyor…



Gyor (pronounced “Dyur”) is packed with charm, and has a quiet community atmosphere with the storybook river Raba running through it…



E and I had spent a lot of time here several years ago when she lived in Gyor. She had a pretty little apartment just off downtown.


Since I was there in winter, I had a major memory image in my mind of walking in the fresh moist air which was barely below zero, continuing over the little bridge watching big fat snowflakes falling into the little river below. It was picture-book romantic.

Jill Shapiro

Bridge with falling snowflakes


We would walk downtown, go to little cafes, eat hot fresh Langos ( from an open window in an alley, or go shopping. I bought so many unique clothes there, and a beautiful long winter coat that I wore for years.


Winters are mild in Hungary, and the snow melted almost as fast as it fell.


For sure, I thought to myself, you have dramatized and idealized this town far beyond what it will ever be when you visit again.


This time it was summer, and green…  but it was like coming Home…



It was not only just as delightful but even more dreamy and whimsical than I had remembered.


The downtown area was still full of charm, with people relaxing, eating ice cream cones, wandering leisurely down the streets, uncrowded, unique shops, mouth-watering food…


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DSC02626~ DSC02628~


DSC02611~ DSC02610~


Gyor also has thermal hot springs and a castle…


So if you want to discover an off-the-beaten-path, little known place in Hungary, spend a few days in charming Gyor! Winter or summer, it’s enchanting.


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6 Responses to Gyor, Hungary

  1. Wendy says:

    Love the purple Bike! I want one lol. The castle….any pictures of the inside?

    Looks like a gorgeous place to visit.

  2. travellittleknownplaces says:

    I loved the bike too! We didn’t get to the castle, but the town is just such easy fun to walk around in, so relaxing, yet full great architecture, quaint shops, and charm oozing out all over!

  3. francaangloitalian says:

    I’ve only been to Budapest in Hungary, there are clearly so many other nice places to explore like these cute city of which I particularly like the architecture. I must return to Hungary to see more of it 🙂

  4. travellittleknownplaces says:

    If you do, you might want to check out Szentendre, Eger, and Pecs… all pretty little towns, and of course, the cave thermal springs at Miskolc-Tapolca. Then we’d recommend a drive down to beautiful Croatia!

  5. zoli72 says:

    My town!!! 🙂 I like to live here, it’s a fantastic. A lot of programs, places, foods…

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