Ghost Plants, Stink Bugs & A Magical Lake in the Borneo Rainforest

The Lake


It was the most mesmerizing lake we had ever seen. Set in the Borneo rain forest like a jewel of peace among wild thorns.  (Double-click on any photo to see it full size)


Reflections so perfect and so still, you’d swear there were two lakes. 


Most astounding was the silence. In any forest you will hear the sounds of birds and animals and insects, yet at this enthralling place in the Borneo rainforest, there was not a sound. The unusual silence was hypnotic.


Even the remote Northern Lakes of Canada were not this noiseless. Always there is the sound of the loons or a deer rustling in the bushes. Or just the lapping of the water on the shore.


This lake was a dreamy and mystical lake, like something from a Disney fairytale. It was the kind of place that you could sit for hours…



The Borneo Rainforest


A trail led into the forest and up to the 50-60 foot high tree tops. Now there were noises… birds whistling, insects buzzing, leaves rustling high in the tree-tops. We were in Borneo’s Sepilok Rainforest Discovery Centre.


In contrast to the peaceful lake, life was reverberating all around us. Here was a Stink Bug! Don’t touch!


The Ghost Plant… 


Flowers of all sorts and huge trees…


And more bugs… this was the DT Dudusa-vethi-Prominent Moth.

Photo courtesy David Tseu

Photo courtesy David Tseu


More unusual plants…
 Photo courtesy David Tseu


An Erotic Plant
Photo courtesy David Tseu


And a cute bug.


High in the treetops of the Borneo rainforest canopy, there was a lookout tower.


Eyes peeled for birds and flying squirrels, which only David, our guide, good spot. He had eyes like a hawk…


Can you find the bird in this photo? Hint – look for a spot of turquoise blue.


The long swinging bridge is an exercise in balance but fun to walk across while observing the thick rainforest of Kapili-Sepilok. This Borneo rainforest attract “Birders” from all over the world.


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5 Responses to Ghost Plants, Stink Bugs & A Magical Lake in the Borneo Rainforest

  1. Wendy says:

    Love love love the colored bug! So cute.

  2. What?! You don’t like the Erotic Plant???

  3. Wow – great photography. Erotic plant notwithstanding, stink bug and ghost plant, plus, plus plus. So very green and lush. The moisture in the air must be lovely. That lake is almost eerie. Wny no sounds? Strange. I spotted the ‘turquoise’ colour, but the bird was still very camouflaged. Amazing adventure, no doubt.

  4. No idea why there were no sounds. It was a soft warm day with barely a breeze, but you’d think there would be birds and insects, etc. Maybe they prefer the lush forest… in any case, it was a gorgeous lake and for about an hour, I just loved sitting there.

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