Borneo: Orangutan Break-In, Night Safari and Tea Plantation

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Orangutan Break-In


We were down for breakfast at the Myrne River Resort in Borneo when David told us that there had been an Orangutan Break-in!


Most of the cups and glassware had been removed from the Coffee and Snacks station in the centre of the Restaurant because a wild Orangutan had wandered into the open-sided restaurant and started smashing everything in the Coffee station!


Gulp. I almost choked on my coffee, as I glanced around to see if there were any orangutans lurking nearby. We had heard of lots of different types of break-ins, but never had we heard of an Orangutan break-in!


The Myrne River Resort feels like a normal semi-luxury hotel except that it’s located in the middle of the jungle! So one should not be surprised that wild animals would come into the open air restaurant overlooking the river – but somehow it was still a shocking surprise.



Night Safari


We had never been on a Night Safari, and it was a unique experience.


The first thing we saw were Wild Boar, right in the back of the yard of resort.


Bouncing down a rough dirt road, with powerful flashlights shining into the jungle, we squinted to spot an animal deep in the foliage but we couldn’t really see it.


I’m not sure why I even tried to take photos in the dark while moving on the back of a truck, but somehow there is a compulsion to capture that rare image of a wild animal.


Each time we slowed down a little, we would be swarmed by thousands of flying insects – I mean thousands, maybe millions, thick in the air and buzzing around our faces, dramatically. 


As soon as the truck moved along, we would escape the horde of flying bugs.


There was a small animal here – not sure what it was, but there was a rough feeding station there.


This was an owl.


Another small animal crawling along an electrical wire.


Further down the road, an animal’s eyes shone in the dark; then it rushed into the jungle and disappeared.


Just like the unlikelihood of seeing a wild black bear in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, it was equally predictable that we didn’t see any fantastic wild animals on our Night Safari.


We had been lucky enough on the Day and River Safaris to see Orangutans, Black Leaf Monkeys, Pygmy Elephants, Tree-Climbing Crocodiles and many other wild animals, so we were grateful and still in awe from those previous safaris.



Leaving Myrne River Resort


The next morning, after saying goodbye to the wonderful staff at the Myrne River Resort, we set off through the mountains to the Sabah Tea Plantation.


A typical little village in Borneo’s rainforest.


It was a long drive winding through the mountains but the rainforest views were awesome. 

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This beautiful mountain river made us want to jump right in.

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Sabah Tea Plantation


Though the Sabah Tea Plantation is quite touristy, the views across the valley were gorgeous and the food and the tea were excellent.


The Ladang Kununu Bornean Rainforest



The Sabah Tea Plantation


This golden brown iced tea, brewed from fine tea leaves from the Sabah Tea Gardens above, was delightfully refreshing after a long hot drive.


Field of Sabah Tea leaves.


We also enjoyed dinner at Sabah Tea Gardens: Vegetable Curry and Beef and Cashews.


It was a day filled with activity, from Orangutan break-ins, Wild Boar, Insect Swarms, Mountain Drives and Tea Plantations – it was just another day in fantastic Borneo.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Man! I would have loved to see an orangutan breaking in lol. Beautiful pictures of the rain forest….one day I hope to see at least one!

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