BOOK RELEASE: “Tell Us Another Story, Grandma”

Announcing the release of my new book, “TELL US ANOTHER STORY, GRANDMA”. You can find it on Amazon.


This book shares true stories about growing up on the farm on the Canadian Prairies.



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Tell Us Another Story

Promising that you will get a few giggles and a few surprises, I am happy to announce that “Tell Us Another Story, Grandma” will be live April 14 on and all of Amazon’s International sites.

"Tell Us Another Story, Grandma" by [S. D. Hollick]


How It Started

This book came about when my grandchildren started asking for a bedtime story. The first thing that came to mind was a story from my own childhood growing up on the farm. That reminded me of another story from my childhood, and so it began. The children began asking for more and more stories…



Even the dog and the cat listened to these stories.


Typing Like A Madwoman

That’s when I decided to start recording the stories. Each time I started writing down a story, it reminded me of another special event and another crazy experience and another funny story. I had to write down the main ideas quickly before I forgot them. Writing brief idea notes for the new stories was taking as much time as writing the actual stories. Finally, I decided to put those stories together chronologically into a book.

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Growing Up On The Farm

The book turned out to be something of a memoir, at least during the growing-up years and until I left home. The stories are all true and actually happened on a farm in Saskatchewan on the Canadian Prairies. I suspect anyone who has grown up on the Canadian Prairies or in the U.S. Midwest could relate to many of the experiences.

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On Amazon

Please click Tell Us Another Story, Grandma to find it on any Amazon site. It is available in both ebook download and the print edition. You can also click on the Look Inside icon above the book to read the first few chapters.

"Tell Us Another Story, Grandma" by [S. D. Hollick]


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