19 Ways To Spend Less On Gifts


We all wish we were multi-millionaires at Christmas and that money was no object when buying gifts.

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Unfortunately, most of us do not have unlimited funds (however much we fantasize about winning a lottery), and we could all use a few tips, and a few hundred extra dollars, on how to spend less on gifts for Christmas.

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Here are a few suggestionsThis list is by no means exhaustive so feel free to share your tips with the rest of our readers.

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My Idea

  1. Make a list of those lucky People who will get gifts from you. 
  2. Send an email asking for Wish Lists by the end of October (it will take them weeks to get back to you).
  3. Start in early November.
  4. If you don’t get a wish list, think about what those people love, then brainstorm a gift in that category.
  5.  Forget spending a set amount on each person. It should be more about a special thoughtful gift than about the cost.
  6. Do a little Research. Search online for the product or similar products.
  7. Search online for flash Sales, Black Friday sales, Christmas sales. You may get some great ideas for gifts. 
  8. Order Online to avoid the stress of parking and battling the crowds. Sit back on your couch and get all your shopping done in a few hours. Check for shipping costs (free is good). You’ll be smug as a bug in a rug when, in early December, you smile sweetly as you tell your Christmas-stressed friends, “Oh, I have all my Christmas shopping done.”
  9. Do some House Shopping. Most of us have more stuff than we need. See if there is a suitable gift just sitting right in front of you, or tucked away in a back shelf.  
  10. Trade in old Electronics at Walmart or Best Buy.
  11. Always search for a Coupon Code online before the final purchase of any item online. Some companies may release coupon codes that are exclusive for customers on social media or subscribers.
  12. Check your Reward Points. Instead of letting them expire, you could use them for gifts.
  13. U.S. Readers, mark your calendar for December 16, Free Shipping Day. See the hundreds of participating stores at  Freeshippingday.com. Not only will they offer free shipping, but often a discount, too (in past years 20% off). Gifts are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.
  14. Canadian Readers, subscribe to Red Flag Deals for all the best sales in every category, and individualize the subscription to your city: Red Flag Deals
  15.  Check Educational sites or do a search for for great gifts for kids that entertain and teach a skill at the same time. Try Scholars Choice or Little Passports to name a few.
  16. Books always make great gifts when they are from a category loved by the receiver.[spacer height=”20px”]
  17. Everyone, young and old, loves a soft cuddly white Blanket/Throw. 
  18. The most practical gift of all time: a gift certificate to a Grocery store or Gas station.
  19. And, of course, my own shameless plug:
    For a great unique gift, you can buy the book, Travel To Little Known Places on the left side panel of this page, or here: Travel To Little Known Places.


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