19 Things We Can’t Travel Without


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After years of travelling all over the world, there are certain things that we consider travel must-haves when we travel.


Here is our Travel Must-Haves List:




Sony Cyber-shot DSC R100 – this is the best little travel camera you could ever have. It takes high quality pictures in a pocket-fitting point-and-shoot size and it takes amazing night pictures. Its ability to take low-light pictures is a top feature for us, plus its small size, and compared to other cameras in the same price range of around $5-600, it has more of the high-end features than similar-priced cameras. As soon as dusk arrives, small cameras usually disappear, but not with this incredible little camera. Check it out here: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC rx100.

Summary: pocket-size, professional-quality photos


However we do like taking incognito photos to prevent those “posed shots” so we have ordered the Perfect Memory: Wireless Pro Camera with AutoEdit on a pre-order for $99U.S. This camera is tiny! It comes with a chain to hang it around your neck (men or women) and looks like a piece of jewelry. First of all, this leaves your hands free; second, you can take natural photos and videos without anyone knowing. Of course we always ask permission before taking photos, but once you have their permission, you can take additional photos in their natural environment without any artificial posing.

We’re so excited to get our tiny little two-inch camera! It comes with about 10 accessories to use/wear it in different ways. Check it out here: Perfect Memory Camera.

Summary: wearable, small, incognito professional-quality photos


Portable Charger

A small portable charger to charge any electronic device while on the road is definitely a travel must-have. There are many good ones on the market, but just keep in mind that the smaller it is, the less room it will take in your suitcase. Make sure it can charge multiple devices. You can find some here on Amazon: Portable Chargers for Multiple Devices


Extra Battery for Camera


We cannot tell you how many dozens of times our camera battery went dead just when we needed it most. To be able to grab a second battery and pop it in and have a working camera seconds later was the best investment we ever made – and a travel must-have!


Sun Hat

This should go without saying but always pack a sun hat. If you are like us, we usually go to a warm country in winter. That means blazing hot sun, sunburns and possible sun stroke. Take a crushable, packable hat. 


Cashmere Sweater

T is never cold, but evenings can get chilly anywhere. A black cashmere sweater is thin, light and warm, and doesn’t take a lot of room in your suitcase. You’ll thank me when you need it. Cashmere is wool, but the softest wool, so it also keeps you warm even if it gets wet – another Travel Must-Have.


Zip Lock Baggies

We can’t imagine travelling without zip locks now. A piece of leftover food you want to eat later, a leaky tube that you don’t want to throw away, a wet bathing suit or shirt, protection for your camera/cell at the beach, separating jewellery… there are a million uses to for zip lock plastic bags and they take almost zero space or weight in your bag. Take lots of small and a few large ones.


Comfortable Shoes

This should go without saying too, but we have been caught with the wrong shoes a few times. If you might be hiking, take hiking boots or heavy-duty running shoes. If you are at the beach, take flip-flops. Check your itinerary. If you might be doing some walking, (and we can’t imagine not doing a lot of walking on vacation), take a super-comfortable walking shoe; this is a Travel Must-Have. You don’t want to be trying to walk around with blisters on your feet.

And forget the heels ladies. They take too much room in the suitcase anyway. I have finally learned this. Packing 6 pairs of shoes for all occasions left little room for clothes. It’s just silly. I love my shoes, but let’s be sensible. Dressy flats will fit nicely in a suitcase, and you don’t look like you are trying so hard. Two pairs of shoes is enough for most trips.


Dresses and Skirts

Learn to pack light. Carry-on only?! We thought we could never do it, but now, we are almost there. For women, strapless tube-top dresses are amazing. No bra, no undies, one piece, cool, comfortable, easy to pack, and wear anywhere – what more could you want! What a saving on suitcase room too. Skirts are cooler than pants or shorts, and 1 long black skirt with 2-3 tops, also goes a long way.

For men, sorry, not so simple, but 2 pairs of shorts in black, grey or beige, one pair black pants, a few polo shirts, one dressier shirt and you’re all set too. 



Never take more than 7 pairs of undies. You will likely will need to wash clothes after a week anyway.


Warm Wrap

A wool or cashmere wrap can be a welcome quick grab on a cool evening, whether outside, or on that bed with not enough blankets on a colder night.


Beach Wrap

A cotton beach wrap is not just great for a bathing suit cover-up; it’s also perfect as a beach sand blanket to lay on, or a shoulder wrap as the sun goes down on the beach, or a quick scarf when the wind comes up, or a shoulder wrap sitting outside as evening arrives, or a classy wrap for going out for dinner. 


Inexpensive Jewellery

Don’t carry too much jewellery when travelling; besides being heavy in the suitcase and on your neck, jewellery tempts thieves when they see a lot of expensive-looking sparkles on a tourist (even if it is inexpensive jewellery). Wearing expensive jewellery is like advertising to thieves, “Pick Me, Pick Me.”


Colourful Scarves

Scarves, on the other hand are light to pack, can be the perfect accessory to any outfit, they can also be used as a head scarf, something to sit on in the grass, or as a little wrap for your shoulders on a cool night. That makes scarves a Travel Must-Have.


An Anti-Germ Necklace

Airplanes and new countries are notorious for being full of germs, bacteria and viruses that we have yet to… “engage with”. These are relationships we want to avoid at all costs.  You could get some of the new flight antiseptic sprays or look like a paranoid geek and wipe down every part of your seat and tray and toilet with antiseptic wipes, but for me, the easiest way is the a small air filter that hangs around your neck. This is the small one I use:  Air Purifier Ionic Necklace. It’s small, light and discreet, and it uses ionic technology to reduce pollutants in the air within a 3-foot circle around you. That protects you in airports too. Customs and Immigration officers have noticed them and asked me about them, saying it was something they would like to get. Since I have started wearing the mini air filter, I have not been ill during or after air travel. 



This is a simple cheap way of avoiding travel illnesses: dab a little antibiotic cream just into the end of your nostrils before entering the airport. It also will keep your nostrils moist while travelling in the dry air common on flights.


Antibiotic for Intestinal Infections

Years ago, I asked my Doctor for a travel antibiotic and he had no hesitation in providing me with one. On several occasions after eating food in certain countries, I did become ill, and this prescription was a life saver. Of course we all know to carry Imodium for traveller’s diarrhea, right?


Hydrocortisone Cream

Cortisone cream is perfect for bites of all kinds. It takes the itch away. We’ve been driven almost mad by No-Seeum bites in the sand that itch at night, all night, for days. Instead of suffering until you can get to a pharmacy, carry a small tube with you. Now this has become a Travel Must-Have.


Neutral-coloured Clothes

Black and White, Black and White. I repeat – Black and White. Add colour with tops and/or scarves. The only exception might be gray or khaki, but keep the bottoms dark and neutral, add variety in a few shirts/tops. 


Notepad and Pens

First thing, you will need a pen to fill out those Customs and Immigration forms on the plane. Then you will need to write down something as you travel – the name and address of someone you met, an address of a place recommended to you, your hotel address should you take a taxi somewhere and forget where you live (don’t laugh – it happened to us once), notes on where and how you travelled, used as a journal and so on.

Sure, you could use your cell phone, if the battery wasn’t dead, or it actually worked overseas like it was supposed to. Your pen might run out of ink, but your notepad won’t go dead. And unless you are travelling for months, leave the laptop and Ipad at home. 2 pens and a notepad don’t take much room and are a Travel Must-Have.


So brilliant adventurers, what are your travel must-haves? Share your ideas below and help your fellow travellers.

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Detailed Colour World Map 2

Detailed Colour World Map 2

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5 Responses to 19 Things We Can’t Travel Without

  1. I really like that tiny camera idea/cute. Also the ionic necklace. All the tips sound well thought out and noteworthy. Thanks.

  2. It’s a good list Shirley, very similar to ours, though I don’t do skirts, dresses or the cashmere sweater. We have padded jackets that squish down to nothing. The anti-germ neck thingy is interesting.

  3. Oh, I’ll have to check your list. Dresses/skirts are so much cooler than pants or shorts – I love em’, but what works for each of us is the best! Those jackets sound cool. Are they down filled?

  4. What did I miss in my list?

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