Music Echoing Across The Austrian Alps


It wasn’t the yodeling through the Austrian Alps that was impressive, no, – though I’m sure yodeling would be equally amazing – but it was the music!


We can understand much better now, how incredible it is to experience sound resonating across the giant alps and how dramatically it floats through the air… DSC01427~


The Kufstein Fortress of the 12th Century is remarkable in itself… DSC01420~











Even more notable, however, is that the Kufstein Fortress houses the Heroes Organ of 1931, the largest freestanding organ in the world with 4307 working pipes… DSC01452~




The organ is played only once a day, but it is magnificent


Hearing the organ music playing as it echoes down the mountains and rings across the town sends chills down the spine…


People stop dead in their tracks when the mesmerizing sweet notes reverberate across the valley and bounce from hill to hill. 


The music from the Hero’s Organ can be heard over 10 kilometers away. It sets the perfect ambiance in this charming quaint mountain town on the Inn River.


Everyone should hear the sweet sound of music echoing in the Austrian Alps in person, at least once.

(Nothing is the same as being there, but as you listen to this beautiful music audio, turn up the sound, close your eyes, and try to imagine it echoing across the hills filling the air for miles around…)


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2 Responses to Music Echoing Across The Austrian Alps

  1. Ten kilometers away… I would love to experience that organ music. They have a wonderful antique pipe organ at a place called Organ Stop Pizza in Arizona, and people flock in to hear the different professionals play. I am sure it doesn’t even begin to compare tho….yours was truly a unique and extraordinary experience.

  2. travellittleknownplaces says:

    This was a total surprise for us. Even though we knew about yodeling and so on, we never dreamed that the music would be so awesome. My friend who was born and raised in Europe said it brought back wonderful memories for her, including the echoing of the cowbells in the hills of Austria.

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