China Consumes the Most Beer in the World


From Xian, we flew to Tsingtao (pronounced ching-dow), a small city (according to Chinese standards) of only 6 million people, on the southeast coast of China in Shandong province.   It had the feel of a beautiful small resort nestled between the mountains and the ocean.


It was quiet, and not at all crowded. I don’t know where all those millions of people were, but we didn’t see many.   There were supposedly one million people at the annual Tsingtao Beer Festival, which was on the week we were there, but again – it didn’t seem crowded.  


Tsingtao Beer is the most popular beer in China, and it is a light crisp lager perfect for hot summer days in China. We tried Tsingtao Dark Beer, Tsingtao Black Beer, and Tsingtao Stout.   It was quite surprising to discover that China has the highest consumption of beer in the world. (International Wine and Spirits Research 2012)  


The area has huge grounds with festival buildings, balloons, sky beams, bands, entertainers, and of course, food. What a celebration! Such elaborate decorations and joviality.   It was a party atmosphere of song and dance, colourful costumes and energetic dance performances. The Chinese people love to see Westerners dance, so they were clapping and cheering us on for the simplest efforts at singing, clapping, and dancing.  


We had never seen such an extravagant fireworks display, coming from all sides at once so you were never sure where an incredible burst of sparkling stars would explode, and in the most amazing patterns.  


For those looking for property, just east of downtown Tsingtao there were beautiful villas facing the ocean that I was told sell for about C$100,000.  


We stayed at the Haiquing Hotel in Tsingtao with a magnificent view overlooking the ocean and excellent service (C$150 a night). I have to mention though that beds in China are hard – rock hard!  


Along the beach there are little shops where you can buy drinks, western ice cream, and bathing suits for 25-30 quan (C$ 5-6). We spent a relaxing day at the beach, trying the excellent Tsingtao Beer, watching the sea-dos and gazing out across the East China Sea.  


Tsingtao Beer…



Qingdao International Beer Festival…    

“Qing Dao Pi Jiu” means Tsingdao Beer Festival

Qingdao beer fest 11  

A little humour…


Tons of snacks…


Incredible fireworks…  

Always a little lesson on Life…  


The city of Tsingtao…

Related image


Villas for sale on the East China Sea… Pic - Villa - Tsingdaio


Spending the afternoon at the beach by the sea..

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3 Responses to China Consumes the Most Beer in the World

  1. Yes, where are all the people? Interesting…the Chinese people certainly know how to celebrate… incredible fireworks is an understatement – wowww.

  2. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Yes, it was a very warm inviting environment too. The Chinese people got so excited when we participated in any way – like laughing, clapping, singing, moving to the music… and so on. Fun.

  3. Wendy says:

    Gorgeous Beaches!

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