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Wow, who would have guessed that travelling could be so healthy?! According to a survey of more than one million people, Expedia says that travellers reported that getting away from home and exploring the world increased their sex drive. Why? Because travel results in an improved mood and more body confidence, which in turn makes travellers more amenable to closeness.

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The article below goes on to explain that as our stress levels decrease, our positive moods increase resulting in many benefits such as a higher perception of self, higher motivation levels, higher productivity and a generally more positive outlook on life. This happens as travel helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. When we are happy, we feel closer to others, and when we feel closer to others, sex and intimacy become part of the equation.

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But it also helps with weight loss. Really? First of all we are often moving around more when we travel. Packing, hauling around luggage, getting to the airport, standing in line, walking in airports (and sometimes running if we’re late), or just exploring a new town, city or place which usually includes a lot of walking. All of these things require new and extra movement we may not normally do. In short, we are exercising without even thinking about it.


Sunshine is a key factor too. It is thought to increase the serotonin hormone in our brain, thus boosting our mood and also creating calmness and peace. Sunshine does have an effect on our mental health.


Finally, travellers claimed that seeing the world made them more creative. Again, as levels of Serotonin increase, resulting in more positive thought processes, consequently the more innovative and inspired you become. Travel improves cognitive flexibility and depth of thought.


Other studies have shown that money spent on travel will make you happier than money spent on material goods. That is, you’ll eventually forget about your $300 shoes or tech toy, but you won’t forget an amazing experience in a foreign country. Studies have also reported that travellers get along with people better and have less anxiety in social situations.


Still other reports suggest that travel teaches you to be more open-minded to cultural differences, while at the same time you are discovering that emotionally, people are the same all over the world. Love, disappointment, pain, family, honesty, betrayal, deceit, joy, fun, smiles, laughter, sadness, singing, dancing, children… it flows through all our veins, and we connect with others through shared experiences. 



Is there anything travel doesn’t do? It teaches you not to be afraid to try new things. Maybe you never guessed you would love alligator meat, or being included in a local festival, or canoeing on the ocean. Turns out you now love it. 

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We have met so many people who started out travelling as timid, naive and full of anxiety, and ended up as confident, out-going people, full of life and living.


Finally, travel helps us understand the world. At some point in your life, whether it is after university, mid-life, or after you retire, everyone should take an extended trip outside of their home country. The only way to really have a sense of how the world works is to see it for yourself.

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Travel shows you that there are many forms of beauty.


The smile you give out always returns with interest:


Joyful smile of a Balinese woman...:

So there you have it. Travel is not just an extravagant indulgence. If you want to feel more positive and happy, if you want to lose weight, if you want to increase your creative juices, reduce your stress levels, or you just want a little more sex and intimacy in your life, set off to explore the world, one step at a time. We always knew there was more to travel than experiencing new places. There are so many other advantages and benefits of travel.


So Honey, give me some travel sugar! Get out in the world and lose weight, become more creative, and get sexy! Those are just a few of a multitude of travel rewards! And you deserve a happy life!


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World Itinerary Map

World Itinerary Map

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