Isla Mujeres: Take A Walk On The Wild Side


Isla Mujeres, Mexico, has a wild side, a very wild side. In fact, it has two wild sides.


Drive to the Tip of the Island

It’s worthwhile to rent a golf cart and drive the length of the 7 km island.

DSC08509 DSC08511


Along the way, you will find Chedrauil, the big grocery store, a village, the natural bush land of the island, treed roads, a turtle farm, a dolphin experience, roadside food and seashell crafts. 


As the Southern tip of the island narrows you can see both sides of the island at once and it is quite spectacular.


DSC08667 Path To Mayan Ruins~


Usually there is a Mayan man dressed in Mayan costume who will explain some of the Mayan traditions and customs should you be interested.

DSC08723~ DSC08721~


There is something about the Mayan flute music that stops me in my tracks. The ancient music is soothing and gentle yet at the same time it is haunting and mystical. Drums and flutes intermingle in a special way that reminds me of forests and nature. Take a listen:


A statue of the Mayan Goddess of Ixchel stands behind the Mayan man.



It is often cold and terrifically windy at the Southern tip of the island, Punta Sud, but also mesmerizing to watch the waves slam into the rocks on one side, the East side, while the other side, the West side, is a gorgeous creamy turquoise and calm. As the wild wind tears at your hair and waters your eyes, the views are dynamite. 

Drive Down the East Side of the Island

DSC08734~ DSC08733~ DSC08732~ DSC08730~ DSC08727~

DSC08653 Wild Waves ~


Then, just turning your head the opposite way… the West side… with it’s unbelievably soft turquoise sea…

DSC08682~ DSC08690~ DSC08688~ DSC08685~ DSC08680~


Ancient Mayan Ruins

You can walk down through a park like area around the tip and even back around along the sides of the cliffs, but if you continue walking down to the tip, there are some ancient Mayan Ruins on Isla Mujeres.


DSC08693 Both Sides~


Isla Majeres Ruins

Isla Majeres Ruins

There is also a restaurant at Punta Sud, Isla Mujeres, and of course we had to stop for some guacamole and corn chips. 

DSC08694 Rest ~ DSC08696~ DSC08700~



The Wild East Side of Isla Mujeres

We spent a few hours at the Southern tip, but it was really on the drive back on the East side of the island where we were awestruck by huge wild winds coming across the open sea, and in contrast to the calm turquoise waters of the West side, wild waves smashing onto the rocks, and then suddenly hidden coves of blue-green water appearing, calm and still, surrounded by cliffs. 

DSC08561 DSC08600 Closer ~ DSC08569~


Some people were even hanging out on the edge of protruding rock ledges in a daunting flirt with nature.

DSC08596~ DSC08586~ DSC08585~ DSC08584~ DSC08589~

We stopped time and again to see another cove, or more voluminous waves while we held onto our hats in the Wild Wild Wild wind on the East coast of Isla Mujeres.





Returning to Town a Definite Contrast




Throngs of people lined the streets of Isla Mujures…

DSC08619 Crowded Streets~ DSC08620~ DSC08633 People Walking On Street~


So if you want to take a break from the touristy part of Isla Mujeres with it’s gorgeous white sand and turquoise water, take a ride (and a walk) on the wild sides of the island: the lesser-known Southern tip and the East coast. 

essdee1_cover (8) Dec 13 FINAL COVER

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