Ring 1: Beara Peninsula’s Remarkable Scenery


The Beara Peninsula is untouched and has very few tourists. It has some of the most remarkable and unusual scenery.



Starting at Glengarriff, and driving around the entire peninsula to Kenmare, we saw some astounding terrain. This is a photo journal.

1924 To Beara Peninsula


1934~ 1940


School children in Beara Peninsula`s small towns generally wear uniforms.

1950 School Girls~


We loved these charming moss-covered cottages.




Dunboy Castle near Castletownbere had an interesting history.

1960 1970 - closer



The Dunboy castle grounds were covered thickly with greenery.



The scenery on the Beara Peninsula was quite dramatic and constantly changing.

2021 2044 2039 2048


Can you believe these pretty winding roads?


2054 2055 2059


Sheep were everywhere, of course.



Amazing rock fences and panoramic views…

2066 2067~ 2068 2072 2073


We could see this rain storm approaching.



At Crow Head, in 1943, at the point of the Beara Peninsula which stretches the furthest out into the North Atlantic Ocean, a plane crashed into the turbulent waters killing all persons aboard.

2102 2104 2106 2114


2194 2126 2135 2126

Garinish Is, Beara Peninsula



It’s pretty easy to see why anything crashing into these waters would have little chance of survival.2146 2151 2159



Driving up the other side of Crow Head, the water was just as wild. The roads were so narrow that this man had to squeeze against the bank to allow us to pass.

2172 2176 2178 2182 2191


Continuing on with the ever-changing, ever-dramatic vistas…

2199 2200 2207 2209 2210 2211 - Closer 2216


Small towns with colourful little houses.

2225 - Closer2224


Sea and rock and sheep and little stone houses in the middle of nowhere…

2228 2231 2235 2241 2242 2247 2248 2254 2261 2266 2271


The sheep think they own the roads as well as the rocky hillsides everywhere in Ireland, so driving is almost always at a meanderingly slow pace. This is a good thing though as it gives one time to adnire the views. The sheep are marked with colourful paint to distinguish between the farmers that own them.

2276 2279 2283 2287


When we arrived back at the top of the Beara Peninsula, we were pleasantly surprised to discover how beautiful our B & B just outside of Kenmare really was.


2355 - Crestview Lodge, Kenmare

2357 2359
2373 2374


The morning sunrise was gorgeous, and the sunlight flowed into the rooms warmly.2376 2382 2393 2394~ 2395 2396 2398


The morning fog was slowly burning off, as the sheep down into the valley looked up as if they knew I was taking their photo.

2399 2400~ 2403~ 2404


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2 Responses to Ring 1: Beara Peninsula’s Remarkable Scenery

  1. Joanne Wiley says:

    Fantastic wild scenery where sheep are more plentiful than humans! Thank you for the great photographs.

  2. Shirley Hollick says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment Joanne. We loved it! Kind of reminds one of the ruggedness of

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