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Travel to Little Known Places is not your normal travel site. What you’ll find are down-to-earth experiences of a crazy couple travelling to little known and off-the-beaten path places. We like to get out of the big cities as fast as we can. We like to rent a car, and just go exploring. It is absolutely amazing some of the things you find that are not in the guidebooks.


Locals, Not Tourists

We’d rather meet local people than other tourists. We’d rather eat local food, or go to a small town celebration than be part of a tour group herded from one tourist trap to another.  Rather than package deals where we only meet people from our own country that we could have just as easily met if we stayed at home, independent travel is our choice.


Middle-of-the-Road Travel

We like to travel in comfort though, so no backpacking, but no expensive luxury travel either, because we like travel in a way which allows us to experience the authentic culture.  To be touched by the warmth of strangers or awed by the power and beauty of natural surroundings, that is what makes travel worthwhile to us.


Sassy Travel Style

So if you’re interested in travelling to unique countries without spending a fortune, read our post: Sassy Travel Style – Travel More, Spend Less



We need freedom to explore on our own; we need privacy, and we like to make our own damn decisions. A bit of rebel in us; you can see that, right? So come along and find a laugh or two at our adventures and misadventures as we find out what is at the end of that little road…

 Dirt Road, Mt Taranaki, New Zealand


Real and Honest Reviews

Nope, this is not your normal travel site. You won’t find raving reviews of another tourist trap. What you will find are real first-hand experiences by two ordinary people telling it like we see it. If we hated a place, we’ll tell you the truth. If we loved a place, we’ll tell you exactly why, and if we had mixed feelings we’ll explain the details honestly and straight-forwardly so that you can decide for yourself if you think it is a place you would like to visit. 

World In Yr Hands Surreal 1

World In Yr Hands Surreal 1


 *Originally published by Travel To Little Known Places, May, 2013.

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