My Book is Finally Done


I cannot believe it! My book is finally done.


This baby has been as much work as a real baby!


I have been constantly changing it, removing yucky stuff, redressing, changing again..


…removing godawful stuff I missed, sweet baby, feeding and feeding and feeding the flow of words, adding photos, complications with technical issues, removing photos, changing again…


pampering it, holding it, talking to myself, screaming, asking myself why I ever decided to take on this nightmare, changing photos, changing words, getting hopeful, sweet baby, maybe not, changing again..


Well, you get the picture. Who knew writing a book could be that hard! Both excruciating and joyous!


But now it is finally done! And it is now on Amazon Kindle for you to read.


And now…. TA DA….


Here is the cover:

essdee1_cover (8) Dec 13 FINAL COVER


If you have a Website:

Feel free to post a link to the book and use the book cover photo.


Sharing the Free Book:

With your friends is fine, and on Facebook, Twitter…. bathroom walls, wherever…


Requesting a Review:

If you are compelled to write a great (but honest) Review on Amazon, I wouldn’t stop you. In fact, it would be just lovely.


That`s all folks. My ramble is done. For now.  


Here is the link to get your copy of 




P.S You can now Download the Kindle app free on any device including personal and desktop computers.


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4 Responses to My Book is Finally Done

  1. Well done. Congratulations! Going off to Amazon to have a look 🙂

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      Thanks Alison. If you like it, and you have time, please write a quick review on Amazon.

  2. zoli72 says:


    Unfortunately I can’t “buy” it from Hungary… 🙁

    (…This title is not currently available for purchase…)

  3. travellittleknownplaces says:

    If you can’t buy it on the Canada site, or US site, try on the UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, India, and Mexico Amazon site. Maybe it would be available there. So sorry. After June 20th, it will be available to buy directly from my website. That may work better for you.

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