The Little Known Islands Of The Venetian Lagoon


Everyone knows Venice, but who knew that there were over 100 other islands all around Venice?


These little-known islands of the Venetian Lagoon are fabulously interesting, and kind of kept a secret by the locals.


Some of the islands are uninhabited, some have only a few dozen people.


Sant’ Erasmo Island is known for its Orto wine and garden vegetables, Torcello is known for its peaceful greenery, San Michele is the cemetery island, Lido is known for its villas and vacation homes, Pellestrina has beaches, nature reserves and the local fishermen live in colourful cottages, Chioggia is a mini-Venice minus the crowds, and Mazzorbo has colourful painted houses.


Then there is Murano, Burano, Giudecca, Sant’ Elna, La Certosa, Tranchetto, Sacca Fisola,  Sacca Sessoa, Santa Cristina, Cavallino, Lazaretto Nuovo, Lazzaretto Vecchio, Povegllia, San Clemente, San Francesco ddel Deserto, San Giorgio in Alga, San Giorgio Maggiore, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Santa Maria della Grazia, San Pietro di Castello, San Servolo, Santo Spirito, Sottomarina, and Vignole, just to name a few of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon!


Hopping on the vaporetto with our Water Taxi Pass, we went to Murano Island first…DSC09842~ DSC09760 DSC09787~


Before we could even look around, someone scooted us down the street and inside to see a live glass-making demonstration…

DSC09768~ DSC09770~


Gorgeous handmade glass works are everywhere in Murano…

DSC09771~ DSC09778~ DSC09785 DSC09786~ DSC09801~


We walked around the little island, but when we wanted to leave, we realized that the boat left on the other side of the canal, and there was no obvious way to get there unless we wanted to swim across the canal!


We had to walk all the way to the end of the canal, across the bridge, and all the way up the other side of the canal to get to our boat departure dock, a good 2 kilometers. 

DSC09791~ DSC09794 DSC09798~


Things that initially seem bad, often have a good side, and we saw some interesting things along the way….

DSC09810~ DSC09803~ DSC09774~


Then to Burano Island. This was my favourite island: small, quaint, brightly-coloured houses, relaxed, sweet and inviting…

DSC09841~ DSC09839~ DSC09837~ DSC09833~ DSC09829~


P.S. Watch for the gorgeous Venetian Lace shops…DSC09825~ DSC09824~ DSC09822~ DSC09817~


So if you want to escape the hordes of tourists on Venice Island, take a water taxi (vaporetto) to a few of the outer islands. You could actually make an entire trip of visiting several of these unspoiled Venetian Islands. 


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6 Responses to The Little Known Islands Of The Venetian Lagoon

  1. Rod says:

    Great pictures….and great memories of our trip to Murano and Burano

  2. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Thanks Rod! We loved Burano, and Venice too, of course.

  3. Makes me want to get on a plane and fly there right now.

  4. travellittleknownplaces says:

    You should do it! Or make a side trip to Venezia from Spain when you go….

  5. Brightly coloured houses on Burano Island….that’s an understatement, smiles. Who knew there were that many islands; very interesting indeed. Where are the pictures of the ‘lace goods’? That glass-blowing is amazing; what an art. Tami is obviously talented and creative in her new undertaking of it. Love it.

  6. travellittleknownplaces says:

    I didn’t get a photo of the lace, but mentioned it so others could look for it if they are there. Tami has two shows next month for her glass art. It is one of the most difficult art forms I’ve ever seen.

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