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This is the perfect gift for an adult, senior, or child.

True stories of growing up on a Canadian farm.

Children love hearing stories about their parents or grandparents growing up, and adults smile hearing about the antics of any children growing up, crazy ideas, the logic of a child, and getting in trouble.

The stories are short, read in a few minutes, so you can reach for it to take a break, or at night before you go to sleep. Give a gift with the flavour of Christmas.

FREE from Friday, December 4th to Tuesday, December 8th inclusive.

Only 5 days, so order now!

Get it here: Tell Us Another Story, Grandma


Tell Us Another Story, Grandma, is a delightful anecdotal history of farm life post World War II. An autobiography of Ms. Hollick’s Early Years continuing on to Teen Years until leaving home – it never fails to make the reader giggle often, sometimes bringing tears to one’s eyes – as she revisits the ‘olden days’, just a little bit more modern than Little House on the Prairie. Starting with no plumbing (!), the only one in her grade for eight years in a one room school, followed by leaving home after high school graduation. True short chapters; quick and easy reads…..bound to leave you hoping she will follow-up with a sequel. Worth every penny.

LOVED this book This book is what encouraged me to take some time out of my busy day to read and talk about it with my friends. The stories are great and funny.

Wow. I couldn’t put this book down! So many hilarious and sometimes shocking stories.

Order here: Tell Us Another Story, Grandma

Free until Tuesday, Dec 8: Tell Us Another Story, Grandma


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