Someone Stole My Shoes!


We couldn’t take enough pictures of the demure children of Little Corn Island.

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 069


One morning when we walked past the school on the path through the jungle to the centre of the island, we took some photos of the school children on a break.

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 115

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 064

Photos S - Nica 2 - Feb 07 349


We stopped to talk to the teacher. He said that they desperately needed new buildings, classrooms, computers for the school, and so on. Later we found out that teachers only make $120 per month on the island. It was sad that the school lacked a lot of supplies, and we vowed to gather and send some when we returned home.

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 174

Photos S - Nica 2 - Feb 07 346


Moving along the path into the jungle that morning it was dead quiet, and hot! We were walking quietly along, and stopped dead in our tracks when a reclining bull lay completely across the path.

We stared and stared. He was not going to move.

“Too hot”, he said. “And I’m bigger than you – much bigger!”

We contemplated shouting or shaking a stick or throwing a stone…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 036


Or maybe we’ll just take that branch in the road we saw earlier… and with that we turned heel and reversed direction…


We came across a baseball diamond too… 

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 027


On the other side of the island, at Derek’s Place, we talked to the owners who bought a few acres there for $100,000, with very well maintained cabanas, big and clean, nice grounds, but separate shower. Derek was your typical burned-out hippie, complete with long hair and braided beard. He was a local and she was from the states. It was here that I missed a great photo of a 3 or 4-year-old about to chop off the top of a coconut with a machete!


As we strolled through the grounds of another backpacker cabana, we stopped to have a drink. It was hot and I slipped off my flipflops. When it came time to go, my shoes were gone! We looked and looked. Perhaps one of the wandering dogs had taken them. As we were looking, a man called out,

“Did my daughter take your shoes?! She has a habit of doing that.” Hearty laughter.

He called his daughter and insisted she return the shoes. At first the three year old denied taking them, but a few minutes later she returned them, still saying,

“I did NOT take them!”

 My shoes were in her hands. Too funny.

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 057 Closer


Everywhere, children were full of smiles, sometimes posing shyly, and they were usually flattered when we would take their pictures.

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 250

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 147


This little guy was sitting in a crate, happy as could be, eating his lunch… the salivating dogs politely waiting for a scrap…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 140

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 136


Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 136A


These kids were playing on the beach…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 141


Some were not so happy…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 151Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 118


But most of the children had beaming smiles…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 067


Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 250Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 075Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 070


Some were busy working…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 011


And this little girl might have been practicing to be a mechanic – or, maybe she was just having a rest…



This little girl had an umbrella…

Photos S - Nica 2 - Feb 07 251


But the warmest most beguiling smile ever…

Photos S - Nica 3 - Feb 07 069


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4 Responses to Someone Stole My Shoes!

  1. Heartwarming – and my heart goes out to the ‘not-so-happy’ little ones ….. got a kick out of the ‘playas on-the-bicycle’. What a diversified, glorious collection – ‘twould be interesting to hear their autobiographical stories.
    So, tell me, did u do the collection of which you spoke, and send it to them? The classrooms did look pretty bare; and when I think of the overabundance here, and the wastefulness …. oh boy.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      I’m embarrassed to say that we didn’t send any supplies to the school. No excuse. Yes, it would have been interesting to talk to the kids more, but they are very shy, and just giggle when you talk to them. Not sure what you mean about playas (beaches) on the bicycle…

  2. wendy says:

    Love the boy in the crate! And ya did they need anything I could send too?

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      He was my favourite too, along with the twins. We should get a package together and send it to the school. As you can see in the photos, the walls are bare, not much of anything in there, except desks and chalkboard.

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