How Many People Can You Fit On A Bicycle?


This post is a photo journal of a variety of random “along the road” photos we took on our travels through Belize. Sometimes it’s the unintentional photos that tell the best stories. We hope it gives you an authentic feel for the real Belize. 


Little girl on Caye Caulker…



Animals near or on highways…

P1070257 P1070260 P1070302

P1080159 P1070944~ P1070886~ P1070871~ P1070844~ P1070839 P1070821 P1070358


Old men on bicycles, motorbikes and tricycles…



School children…

P1070914 Village School~ P1070913~ P1070999




Animals in bars and other odd places…

P1080417 P1080373 Closer


“Hey bartender, I’ll have another Scotch, straight-up.”



Unusual buildings…

P1070075 P1080022 P1080033 P1080032 P1080047



Amusing signs…

P1070890 Univ Of Belize Farm Campus



Unusual Bars… this one was called Cheers. Talk about losing the shirt off your back!

P1070805 Cheers Bar & Rest ~

P1070814~P1070810 Cheers TShirt Rest P1070806~


Hot windy roads, rivers and one-way bridges…

P1070948~ P1070957~ P1070950~ P1070943~ P1070878


Incredible refreshing cenotes…

P1080345 P1080348 P1080356 P1080357 P1080360 P1080361


Rain and fog and undulating hills…

P1080105 P1070952~ P1080079 P1070894~


Local fresh produce markets…

P1080129 P1080128 P1080130

P1080135 P1080133




Smooth creamy delectably exquisite heavenly guacamole… with homemade corn chips…



All kinds of trees…

P1070938~ P1070862~ P1070861 P1070855


Prisons with gift shops…

P1070794 Prison~

P1070797Prison Gift Shop~


Packs of wild dogs…


P1070882 Pack Of Dogs~


It always amazes us when we see 3-4 people on a bicycle, usually in Mexico, but often in other Latin-American countries too. With the paranoia in Canada about every child and adult wearing a helmet, and no doubling-up or riding on the handlebars, like we used to do as kids (remember that?), it is shocking to see up to five people on a bicycle riding down the highways or on busy city streets in Central American countries. They are all dressed up too. Going to church? Going to work? Who knows, but it is all quite normal to them. Imagine how they would be shocked at our strict rules.Mex 08 832 Motorcycle Mama Close Up




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