White Cinderella Castle On The Danube


With the River Danube running through the centre of the city, Budapest is a spectacular city!




Did you know that there are two separate cities that make up Budapest? Buda is on the West side of the Danube and Pest (pronounced Pesht) is on the East side of the Danube.


One of the most impressive things about Budapest is its diverse architectural buildings, ranging from Gothic to Soviet-era, to Baroque to Roman Ruins to Art Nouveau. This is a result of Hungary being invaded an unbelievable number of times!


Hungary’s history goes back to over 350,000 years. Considering that Canada is not even 15o years old, 350,000 years old is an incredibly long time, and brings a long history of invasions and occupations.


Hungary has been invaded by the Romans, Germans, Avars (Asiatic), Russians, Germans again, Mongols, Turks, Austria, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Romania, Germany again, Britain, Germany again, and Russia again until they finally gained independence in 1990. Hungary is now a part or the EU and a prosperous and free country. (Source: http://www.localhistories.org/hungary.html)


We spent over a month in Budapest (Budapesht) and we were graciously welcomed to stay with my dear friend, E, at her lovely flat downtown…



Her flat is over 2000 sq feet with 20 foot ceilings, inlaid hardwood floors, elaborate moldings, arched windows, a central courtyard, and double doors off the living room to a wrought-iron balcony with gorgeous views up and down the street…

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 111 - Print





We were so excited to see the beautiful white castle, properly called the the Fisherman’s Bastille. If you ever want to see a romantic white castle, Budapest is the place…




Along the way up, a violinist played on the steps of the castle…



It’s a long climb up stone staircases…

DSC01765~ DSC01767~ x



It was another treat to find a band at the top of the castle playing traditional Hungarian music including lively gypsy songs…

(note the view of the Danube and Parliament Buildings through the arches behind the violinist.)

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 028 - Print DSC01787~ DSC01789~ DSC01790~

 Here is a 5 second sample of the one of their wild Gypsy songs:  http://youtu.be/kQvI9qxV8O4


Stunning castle. One never tires of going to see it, day or night…

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 003 - Print Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 008 - Print

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 071 - Print
Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 060 - Print~ Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 052 - Print Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 050 - Print~ Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 049 - CloseUp - Print


A view of the castle and the Danube from Gellert Hill…

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 401 - Print~ Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 389 - Print Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 391 - Print~ Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 407 - Print~

Hungary - Sep 07 - S - Card 4 067 - Print~


Coming soon… After a long day of walking around the castle, we recommend you spend the next day at one of the many Roman Bath Houses in Budapest. 

essdee1_cover (8) Dec 13 FINAL COVER

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8 Responses to White Cinderella Castle On The Danube

  1. Ok, you’ve convinced me. Budapesht is now on the top of my travel list!

  2. zoli72 says:

    I was in that flat too 🙂 E. is very hospitable.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      Oh, you were there too? Yes, E is a perfect hostess… such a doll!

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      E’s flat is gorgeous and yes, so comfy. The castle is equally nice, day and night, but yet quite different. Apologies to all for the short video. I am not very good with video… but I’m getting better. I thought the video was not on so pressed the button a second time and cut it short!

  3. Oh Budapest looks tres intriguing for sure; love E’s flat….looks so huge, yet ‘homey’ ….and the White Castle – wow. Love the illumination – the music piece was good but too short – smiles. Guess one just has to go and experience it first hand, hmmm?

  4. wendy says:

    Exquisite pictures!!!!

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