Trieste: Full of Surprises


The trip from Venice to Trieste by train follows the curved coast of Italy and has some spectacular views of the towns dotting the hilly green coast and the Adriatic Sea. DSC00020~ DSC00029~ DSC00033~ DSC00025~


We met the sweetest couple on the train. A Chinese couple that helped us with our luggage, offered the most delicious Chinese nougat candies, and shared rushing to the windows to get that perfect photography shot. They were very concerned about our comfort and very kind people. How silly that we didn’t get their contact information. (You know who you are, so perhaps if you read this you will contact us.) DSC09949~


When we arrived at the spectacular Trieste Train station DSC00036~ DSC00037~ DSC00039~ DSC00040~


…we were completely shocked that we were refused taxi service to our accommodation! Apparently, if you are within a few kilometers of your destination, taxis will not take you there. You must be going a significant distance, otherwise they expect you to walk! After all, it’s only a few kilometers, “just a short distance” they say. 


It was pouring rain, and we had luggage! What? No taxi service? I had deliberately booked a place close to the train station. Now I was sorry I had been so diligent. DSC00044~ DSC00043~


After begging and pleading with the taxi driver, he finally took us to our little apartment. While we were upset that we could not get a taxi from the train station in the pouring rain, we loved our accommodation. This apartment was absolutely delightful… DSC00049~ DSC00057~ DSC00060~ DSC00073~


It had sky lights, hardwood floors, a full kitchen, gorgeous views, charm beyond necessity, and had everything one could ask for, even an elevator – unusual in Europe. It was quiet, close to the town square and all downtown amenities.!apartments-eng/c1dae





Downtown Trieste was pretty at night… DSC00093~


The town square was gorgeous too… DSC00114~   DSC00105~ DSC00104~ DSC00102~ DSC00111~


We heard music in the square and followed our ears to see a musician playing classical music on a very strange instrument… DSC00115~ DSC00110~


Trieste had great food and cheeses… DSC00075~ DSC00076~


The last night, we enjoyed pizza at D’Napoli with unbelievably creative toppings, like pumpkin cream and pistachio and mushroom cream with truffles, among others…

DSC00089~ DSC00100~ DSC00084~ DSC00083~


Trieste – full of surprises.


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2 Responses to Trieste: Full of Surprises

  1. Oh, interesting regarding the taxis….they want longer fares/more money-lol. Too funny. The ‘unique’ pizza sounds very interesting indeed……is there no end to creativity in foods – love it. Sounds like yet another fun adventure. Hope the friendly Chinese couple contacts you. So kind.

    • travellittleknownplaces says:

      That’s true about food – I never thought about it before, but there really is no end to the possible combinations and creative concoctions. Love trying new foods though. Yes, wish that Chinese couple would see this post. So dumb that we didn’t get their info.

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