Ring 3: The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula was the most fascinating and memorable of the three “Rings” on Ireland`s South coast. Wild and rocky, wind-blown and untouched by tourism, it’s the REAL IRELAND.
The poor little sheep were clinging to the sides of the rocky crags. With vast valleys or ocean below, did they ever slip and fall? They certainly ended up on the road often enough.
2266 2247
We sort of went backwards around the peninsula, counter-clockwise, starting at Castlegregory, a quaint little town with a 50’s-style gas station, and 14 miles of wind-swept rocky beach.
2648 2642 2646~
One-way mountain roads zig-zagging into the clouds through Connor Pass took us to dizzy heights and spectacular views. Even though a blanket of fog made for hazy pictures, and the one-way highway around corners was nerve-racking, the amazing landscapes were breath-taking.
 2693~2713~2716~2717~ 2714~2735~2731~
We were glad we took the time to go right out to the very tip of Dingle to Slea Head. The route around this end of the peninsula is full of a great many ancient archaeological sites on the Dingle Peninula dating back over 6 thousand years, not to mention panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.
 550~ 548~ 519~
Ancient Beehive Huts.
565~ 567
Miles and miles of stone fences.
560~ 533~ 534~807~672~687
688 690641
Stopping on top of the mountains where the clouds and fog had cleared, we made two new friends. 
T started throwing them pieces of an orange.
Then the fight began!
“Hey, you got one and I didn`t! NO FAIR!!!”
Later, they took turns posing for us. 
“This is my best side.”
The Blasket Islands off Slea Head are a must-see. We were so glad we were not tempted to skip the tip of the peninsula. It was almost the best part. 
587 Blasket Islands, Dingle~ 617~ 619~ 621~ 657~ 644~
The famous movie, Ryan`s Daughter, was filmed here.
We headed down the other side of tip of the Dingle Peninsula to more outstanding panoramas.
600~607~732~ 708~
Then we arrived in Dingle Town. We loved it right away, and decided to stay for several days. 
We stayed at Murphy`s B & B on Main Street, an odd little place upstairs over a restaurant, but charming just the same.
2793 Dingle Town~ 2796~ 2774 2729 Dingle Town~
We spent quite a bit of time at the traditional Irish Pub across the street, truly the social gathering place. 
2794 Traditional Pub, Dingle~
 2804 Dingle Trad Pub~ 2805
And Dingle town became our favourite little town in Ireland.
 [mapsmarker marker=”44″]


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