The Friggin’ Truth About Christmas


Ok, here’s the thing. Everybody is too friggin’ busy at Christmas to read (or write) a blog post. So we’ll keep it short and sweet.


You’re not the only one freaking out about all the things you still have to do before Christmas. Everyone is! Well OK, maybe it’s more likely the women in every family.


If you’re one of the lucky ones (or smart ones) to avoid all the stresses of preparing for Christmas, tell us your secret… pleeeeeese… tell us…


We are begging you…


Because, damn it, next year, we will be more organized, we will start sooner, we will allow for down time to catch our breath, we will ask for help, OR, we will even PAY for help.


So please…. share… for all of us desperate, whining, over-wrought, anxiety-filled, ready-to-kill-somebody people…. 


What’s your secret to preparing for Christmas that actually leaves you relaxed and smiling…




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