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Hello, are you ready to take a few vicarious trips to little known and unusual places?

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Welcome to Travel To Little Known Places. My reason for starting this blog is just to share our crazy travel stories and misadventures, many compiled from letters home to family and friends while travelling.   


Our choice of places is almost always a bit off-the-beaten-path. So if that tickles your curiosity, sign up for email notifications of new posts below or to the right. No junk mail. 

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Our style of travel is a little different from most, and after so many people have asked us how we can afford to travel so much, I thought I might try to explain. See Sassy Travel Style: Travel More, Spend Less.


We invite you to respond with your honest thoughts, reviews, questions (Comments Section), and anything else you’d like to know more about.  


There is also a map link, so you can find the country referred to in each post.


We only regret the chances we didn’t take.


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