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2013 Year in Summary for Travel To Little Known Places


A very special thank you to my top readers/commenters in 2013!


Marnee, Wendy, Ashley, Tami and Joanne – you are the best!


Connie and Marlene, thanks for sharing on Facebook.


We’ve had over 6000 views and we now have 1500 subscribers – that’s 1 in 4 readers who subscribe – not bad for 6 months since launching the site.


Thank you to all of you who read our travel stories and we hope we can continue to amuse, confuse and enthuse.

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ALONE On A Deserted Island

  After missed and delayed flights, and a cramped old hotel in Managua, arriving in Granada was a delightful surprise.     It was a pretty town with a gorgeous town square featuring a huge pink and white gazebo, food vendors selling all kinds of snacks and sweets, vendors selling jewelry and hats and balloons, children playing, adults chatting, and everyone just enjoying the splendid sunshine. We spent almost every evening sitting in the town square waiting for the birds to start chirping and sweeping across the square as they nestled into the trees for the night.   The Hotel Alhambra, a … More…


Bored With Typical Travel?

Are you totally bored with typical canned packaged same-old holidays? Longing for something a little different?   Are you tired of walking half a mile down corridors, waiting for elevators, then walking another half mile of paved walks to get to an over-stuffed pool or a crowded beach with people lined-up like dominoes?   Are you sick of having to race down to the pool to put a towel on a chair to save it? Or worse yet, paying for a chair?   Are you tired of lining-up to book a restaurant table days before you even know what kind … More…


Dumbest Travel Gadgets

TRAVEL PILLOW – Total Travel Pillow Gone are the days of flying when you could expect to find a pillow and blanket on your seat. Now it’s more of a DIY experience. Functioning as a travel pillow and blanket in one, the Total Travel Pillow claims to keep you warm and reduce next compression.  $29.99 A More Practical Solution – buy a suede blow-up neck pillow and wear a cosy hooded sweater that you will also use in your travels. The pillow folds to a tiny flat pack so takes up less precious room in your carry on, and the sweater will serve many purposes, … More…


Latest Gadgets For Travel

  SOLAR LAPTOP The world’s first truly solar-powered laptop. It never needs to be plugged in! It “plugs” into the sun. When the sun isn’t there at night you can run it all night long with its powerful battery. With a rugged design & durability, you can take SOL with you to the most remote places on earth. It has free software, too. You don’t need to purchase any more software to get started. There are thousands of free apps available online with UBUNTU. In a world where 1 in 4 people have little or no access to stable electricity, the device … More…


Behave Yourself

  Courtesy, courtesy, courtesy. Respect, respect, respect.   How do you feel when a foreigner criticizes anything in your country? Or if a foreigner is demanding in any way?   Think about it.   “When in Rome…”  You’re in a different country, curb your ethnocentrism and try to fit in. Stop comparing everything to how it is at “home”. No one cares how it is in your home country. Consider that a different way to do things might actually work better in this country.  Accept a different culture as it is – new, unique, interesting.   Avoid being a typical … More…


Searching For Crocodiles By Flashlight In The Amazon

  Well, I have done some crazy things in the past, but this one about tops them all.   On a pitch-black night, in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, in Ecuador, we canoed on a swamp searching for crocodiles by flashlight, with a 12-year-old native Quechua Indian navigating.   We found one 7 foot female croc and one 8 foot croc, and 3 baby crocodiles.   A few of us had flashlights, so beams of light flitted across the black water, occasionally catching some weeds or a tree or some tall reeds. We were very quiet. It was taking a … More…


“Aw Sha, It Could Always Be Worse!”

  Lost luggage is a fact of life for most travellers. It has rarely happened to me but it did once, at the worst possible time. Travel misfortunes are just to be expected. Ireland   We had just arrived in Ireland, and I was given assurance that they would find my bags any day, and that they would be delivered to me. We moved on to stay in a perfectly enchanting castle (this is one of very few package deals I like – flight, car, and castle stay package for Ireland).     It was bad enough making do with the few … More…


The End of That Little Road

I wonder what is at the end of that little road?! That question lead us to find some amazing places that tourists seldom get to see.  All the way through New Zealand, we slid off the main highway to see what was at the end of “that little road”.   Weeks later, we met a local couple and they invited us to their cottage at a famous New Zealand resort. She had gone on ahead and he wanted to show us some places that “tourists seldom get to see”. Turns out we had already seen all of them! He was … More…


About Us

Exotic places

  Join us in exploring the world! Each year we travel further and further off the beaten path to little known places.   Cure for Boredom: Curiosity Cure for Curiosity: Travel   As a writer, counsellor, teacher, immigration officer, corrections worker, probation officer, parole officer, teacher of deaf adults, teacher of the criminally insane, counsellor to new immigrants, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, I have a non-stop curiosity about people and places in every part of the world.   What about you? Are you curious about other places in the world? Do you long to travel to that one exotic place … More…



  Hello, are you ready to take a few vicarious trips to little known and unusual places?   Welcome to Travel To Little Known Places. My reason for starting this blog is just to share our crazy travel stories and misadventures, many compiled from letters home to family and friends while travelling.      Our choice of places is almost always a bit off-the-beaten-path. So if that tickles your curiosity, sign up for email notifications of new posts below or to the right. No junk mail.    Our style of travel is a little different from most, and after so … More…

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