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Explore The Elements: EARTH, FIRE, WATER and AIR


Explore the Elements is a Photo Contest from Thomas Cook that has invited writers and photographers to showcase the images they’ve captured on their travels.

The challenge is to submit photos that capture the essence of each of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. I have accepted that challenge. Although it is not a voting contest, please let me know if you think my images are worthy of consideration by the judges. The judges will choose the best photos in each category. The top prize is a 5000 pounds travel fund! We could really use that to bring you stories of our misadventures in the Philippines and Malaysia, our next destination.


  • Represents the dense internal core of the earth filled with underground caves, water, and magical formations
  • Associated with strength, unity, nature, texture and balance


The reason I chose this photo of the Lol Tun Cave in Mexico was to demonstrate that at the core of our Earth, underneath our very feet, inside the earth’s crust, nature has provided more stunning images than imaginable. The mystery of how the earth was formed and it’s three layers of rock, semi-solid magma rock, and hot inner metal core has a puzzling and inexplicable fascination for most of us. Earthquakes, volcanoes and other geological activity begin beneath the earth’s surface, where every day we go about our business of walking on the earth, rarely cognizant of what is happening right under our feet.



  • Represents the red hot metal core of the earth and the vitality, potency and dynamics of our ever-changing planet
  • Associated with power, spirit, activity, excitement, change and momentum


This image is of a fire dancer in an underground cave in Tonga. For me, it represents the great vitality and power of life and our planet. Forever changing, the fire glows and dances, just as life and our earth never stays the same, but rather is in a constant state of dynamic transformation.


  • Represents the constant movement and flow of life and nature
  • Associated with birth, inspiration, movement, motivation, versatility and purity


The waterfalls at Plitvice Falls in Croatia are an incredibly beautiful series of waterfalls as layers of lakes spill over and pour into the lower lake creating multiple mantles of falls cascading into crystal clear turquoise green lakes. The views are breathtaking and you can walk for miles and miles in the park enjoying this natural phenomenon. For me, it expresses purity, inspiration and the awesomeness of nature.



  • Represents life and the expansive universe
  • Associated with energy, growth, knowledge, interdependence, humanity and wonder


As we flew over the multitude of islands of the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, I was awed by our beautiful world and wild expanse of the ocean dotted with thousands of islands and countries. This single island stood out as a reminder of how small each person, each island, each country and each planet is in our vast universe.



The respect and esteem I have for other travel blog websites is immense. Their adventures and insight into travel around the world is made real by some of the most brilliant photography I have ever had the pleasure of gazing upon, so I would like to nominate 5 sites that I especially admire, not only for their open and honest writing, but for their magnificent photos.  


If you think my images are worthy of consideration by the judges, please comment below…

Or tell Dave and Deb at http://theplanetd.com/…

Or  you can comment or follow the action through Thomas Cook on Facebook and Twitter. 

And if you have a travel website and would like to enter the contest, here are the rules:


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8 Responses to Explore The Elements: EARTH, FIRE, WATER and AIR

  1. Definitely worth of consideration by the judges; I second that motion 😉

  2. mashoud says:

    Your images are wort considering.

    However and without offence to you, check out photos taken by Sam and Erica of the Song of the Road fame. They are travelling S.America on their XP camper and a Dodge Ram and often found on Expedition Portal.

  3. travellittleknownplaces says:

    Would love to see their photos. Can you send me their website link.

  4. Lovely photos! And thanks for the nomination. Unfortunately I’ll have to decline as we’re on the road and I don’t see how I can get it done in time 🙁
    Thanks anyway. Hope you do well!

  5. Joanne says:

    Go for it! They are worth submitting.

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